One Big Happy Family Camp

Every Memorial Weekend we go up north to Camp Lebanon (the church camp our kids go to in the summer).  This is the 11th year we have gone up there!  My parents go every year as do my brother, sister-in-law and their two girls.  So it’s kind of family reunion of sorts.  We stay in a lodge which is really quite nice, more like a hotel than a cabin and one of the best parts is the meals are included!  I don’t have to meal plan, shop, prepare, serve, OR clean up!  They have lots of activities for the kids and pontoon boats, kayaks, sail boats, fishing, swimming you name it.  Sunday night they always have a real camp fire with songs, smores and the infamous “Lion Hunt”.

There was a lot of rain this weekend but Sunday afternoon was really nice as was yesterday.  It was good to get away and enjoy time with family!

After it rained it rained followed by some rain.

Johnny and Lexi shootin’ pool with one of the camp staff.

The cousins teach the girls to fish.

Johnny tries the zip-line! Merrilee (my sister-in-law) and myself tried it last year. Very fun!

Nana with the girls. Nana and Papa took turns spending time with each of the kids. It was much appreciated!!

Callie took part of the fishing contest. Her 3″ Sunny didn’t win any prizes. Uncle Tim helps out.

A lovely evening on the pontoon. Papa, Tim and Chloe are on the other side of the boat.


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