She Shoots, She Scores!

8 year-old girls’ soccer.  Now that’s entertainment.  Especially when your daughter is one of the players.  These girls have come a long way from Kindergarten “soccer” (where the goal was to chase the ball around long enough to get to the end of the game where you get to have snack and play on the playground).  They are actually making passes and are focused (well that word may be too strong, maybe “interested” is better).  I got to help coach this group last year which was really fun so I know them pretty well.  They still do really cute things like pause after a play and wave to the crowd but I can see how much the girls have improved.

Lexi is one of those people who is good at just about everything she tries.  She has natural athletic ability and likes to do lots of different sports.  She’s versatile too, one year she switched from ballet to hockey.  She’s good at both.  I love sports too so it has been fun to watch her and I enjoy practicing with her.  Tonight she scored AND I actually saw it!  Usually I’m chasing a toddler or disciplining a sibling squabble, so it was great to actually see the play that led up to the score.  It makes a mom proud.  I better stop there so this doesn’t sound like a really long “My Kids an Honor Student” bumper sticker.

Anyway, great job team, you girls rock!!


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