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My Mom Made These…

My mom made these super cute sundresses and matching hats!!  She also made two other sundresses for my girls and a couple for my nieces.  The last thing I made was lunch!  She is a very talented seamstress.  Quilting is her favorite but as you can see she is also great at sewing clothes.  Thank you mom!!


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Fisher Price Ice Cubes

I don’t have a Trade Mark for this yet but I’m sure Fisher Price will be beating down my door to work with me…Ice Cubes.  That’s right, ice cubes.  For the soccer game on Wed (95 degree weather) I filled a cooler with ice cubes and gave it to the girls to “play” with.  They were busy the whole game!  Tonight filled a bowl with ice cubes and gave it to the girls at bath time, I got 45 minutes to fold laundry outside the bathroom, whoo hoo!  Can you imagine the profit margin that could be made with a few razzy commercials and clever packaging.  You know how popular sand boxes have become…the future, ICE BOXES!


All the above information is copyrighted, protected and my ideas so if you steal them and make millions please send me a check.  Thanks!

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“Oh no!  A burglar must have broke into our home and ransacked your room!”  I told Lexi.

Seriously, her room looked like a scene from the movies where someone breaks in looking for the secret floppy disc (maybe it would be a flash-drive these days).

“I was looking for my other croc!” she answered in defense.

Every drawer was open, all the clothes were on the floor, papers, popsicle sticks, things made with feathers were everywhere.  The only untampered part of the room was her closet which has a lock on it due to past “break-ins”.

Maybe there are only two types of people in this world, neat people and non-neat people.  If your kid falls into the latter should you just give up and focus on something else or is it a skill you can teach?  It’s not morally wrong to have a messy room and there is still plenty of moral training the kids need.  I suppose they are not mutually exclusive where you either raise a neat but immoral kid who will end up with the best kept prison cell or a moral but messy one that can’t find her car keys to drive to the animal shelter to volunteer.  I suppose there is a spectrum of neatness as well as people’s definition of “neat”.  However there would be no debate that today her room was off the charts on that spectrum.

Amazing how those burglars only target certain rooms!



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What Goes Through their Heads?

So last week I offered an explanation to the VBS leader as to why Callie showed up wearing 2 shirts.

“She’s wearing 2 shirts as a compromise.  She woke up this morning and said ‘I want to wear 3 shirts!'”

I can’t remember the last time I had an out-of-the-ordinary thought like that.  When do you lose that?  Is that a good thing or bad?


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“I Caught a Fish as Big as My Arm!”

This is what Lexi is telling everyone and it’s pretty much true.  At the cabin, Lexi and Cassie were on one pole while Josh was on another and Callie watched.  I had just picked up my book to read for the eighth time in an hour and I heard all this splashing and screaming (similar to Splashing and Flushing.)  I looked up to see a little fish on Lexi’s line and a BIG fish trying to bite it.  It was jumping nearly out of the water (not like a dolphin or anything but still.)  Then it got a bite of the hook and the pole suddenly drooped.  Lexi started screaming even more.  She caught that big bass!  I ran out and scooped him up in the net.  We didn’t have a scale but I’d say it weighed as much as a cantaloupe (do fishermen use fruit to compare weights or is that from the “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” book?).  Jerad came out to help and held it up to Lexi’s arm.  Sure enough it was almost as long as her arm.  Lexi called it a Long Nosed Bass (instead of a small mouth bass).

We do have pictures to prove it but the pictures are on Jerad’s phone and I don’t know how to get it to my laptop (what excuses did fisher folks use before technology?)  Anyway there was a lot of screaming, a lot of excitement and now they will have to try to catch “THE” Bass all summer.  Last summer it was THE northern as if the same northern kept showing up at our dock waiting to be caught.  Maybe it is the same one (he did get caught 4 times) but I’m guessing there might be more than one.


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Hamster Sitting

Cassie and Callie are babysitting the preschool hamster for the week.  We just picked-up Snickers from the neighbors who had him before us.  It’s a lot of pressure to keep the little guy alive for a week because I’m sure there would hours of future therapy needed if we were responsible for the hamster’s demise.  Somehow Snickers is like 23 years old or something so I imagine he’s been replaced before (unless he just eats well, exercises and has a glass of wine before bed each night.)  The girls are very excited to watch him.  We had a guinea pig in the past and the kids enjoyed that (it was actually pretty sad when he died) but it has been fine being pet free (except for the Beta fish).  Lexi has been on the Puppy Soapbox for years and I imagine someday we will get a dog but for now one week with a hamster will have to suffice.


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VBS Week: “Jesus is right here!”

Yesterday in my class, during the Bible Story station, the teacher chose a couple of kids to come up to help doing one of the skits.  One of the 5 year olds got picked to be Jesus.  She told the story and directed the kids to stand where they needed and then had them sit down when their part was over.  The story was about when Jesus was betrayed by Judas and taken away by the soldiers.  After she had told the kids to sit down she continued telling the story and she was pretending to be one of the women who came looking for Jesus after he had been taken.  In character she asks looking around, “Where is Jesus?  Where has he gone?”

“Jesus is right here!” sincerely shouts one of the kids, pointing to the kid next to him, the one who had played Jesus in the skit!


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VBS Week: Developmental Delay Explained

So I have to admit I was getting a bit frustrated with my girls.  This is their first year in VBS and I thought they would just love it, sing the songs, make the crafts, play the games…But the first two days they have just been dragging, easily distracted and by the time the final sing along, literally under the pews laying down.  So I decided maybe I should see if they could be in the younger kids group or something.  All the kids in my group were singing the songs, making the crafts and keeping up…and then I looked around and noticed all the other kids are about a head taller than my girls…and then I noticed they all look older than 4.   These kids aren’t 4 are they?  In fact there doesn’t seem to be any kids in the whole place that look 4 or younger.  My girls are not ADHD!  They are not developmentally delayed!  And they don’t hate VBS..they are just 4!!!

Sure enough I got a call this afternoon confirming my stupidity.  I had switched the girls to be in the same class as mine (Fireflies) because I thought I had signed up to work in their class.  Apparently I had signed-up for the Pre-K class (which, go figure, actually means Pre-K, not 3,4,and 5 year olds).  I thought the Fireflies were just a little older 4’s and 5’s (I know, I know I took those early childhood classes too!)

So today the girls will be in the right class where they color, play with play dough, have free-play, all in the same room like 4-year-olds should!!  I feel so bad for dragging them around with me and why on earth did it take me TWO days to figure it out!  (In my defense I brought 7 kids with me, had to get them all to their rooms, remember the special snacks and meds, and then be ready to volunteer with 28 little kids in my room!  I know, I know all the kids were a head taller and I didn’t notice!)


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VBS Week: “Pray for Mike Wazowski”

It’s VBS week at church so that means a couple thousand kids are herded through fun/educational stations to learn about Jesus and how to be nice and kind.  I decided we should all go this year.  The kids have to be going into Kindergarten before they can start unless one of their parents volunteers.  The kids of the volunteers can be in the preschool class.  So I volunteered to be a “Greeter” in Cassie and Callie’s class.  As volunteering goes I was afraid this would mean that I wouls actually turn out running the whole preschool program for the week but there were enough volunteers so “Greet” I did.

VBS week is actually really well run.  Each group takes turns in the snack station, craft station, gym station etc.  Cassie and Callie were pretty squirrely all morning and I figured out why they have an age limit on this.  When we were at the Bible Story station, one of our last ones, I looked over and saw Cassie with her rubber bracelet looped between the two velcro straps on her shoes, connecting her feet.  She decided to get up and try to walk around.  I stopped her before she fell flat on her face (or little Olivia next to her.)  The teacher told a story about a solider that found out his friend was sick.  When he traveled a long way to get to his house his friend had already been healed.  The kids were supposed to draw a picture of someone they cared for so that they could imagine what it would feel like if someone they loved was sick.  I handed out the paper and crayons.  The kids got to work and I walked around policing the crowd.

  Callie was diligently working on her drawing of someone she cared about.  For sure I thought it would be Me, Dad or Cassie but when I looked at her paper she had a one-eyed monster.  “Look, it’s Mike from Monster’s Inc.!”  she proudly announced.  (Of course I was so proud.)  Just then the teacher said, “Let’s all say a quick prayer for the special person you drew.”  So yesterday Mike Wazowski, from Monster’s Inc. got a special blessing.


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A Tribute to Dads

For Father’s day we were up at the cabin.  The kids and I ran into town to pick-up some stuff and get pizza for dinner.  We usually get Little Caesars (which Jerad is not a huge fan of) so we decided to surprise him with Chipolte (which he does like).  We also found a stuffed scorpion at one of the thrift shops and the kids thought Dad would love that so we put the toy in the Chipolte bag too.  Jerad is not big on surprises but he did seem to appreciate the Chicken Fajita Burrito more than the $5 pizza (of course he laughed at the Beanie Baby Scorpion as well.)

On Sunday we all went to Quarry Park in St. Cloud.  Mom got stuck with all the kids that were under 5 and/or had broken bones and the rest went rock climbing.  We toodled around and read all about how the Quarry works and found a really little frog.  Callie carried it around for a while until I made her send him home to be with his Dad (before meeting an untimely death in her pocket.)  When we met up with the others we headed to the swimming hole.  Since the girls were getting restless we pretended we were “Dora” and we had to go “over the wobbly bridge, past the rock mountain to the swimming hole!”  It was a hike.  The swimming hole is surrounded by rock and has a few rope bridges and people can jump off the rocks into the water.  It is really a neat place.  We got their early to avoid the crowds (is that a Dad thing?) so the water was…well cold.  Jerad jumped in, convinced Joey and Johnny to jump in and Lexi brough her floaty.  The girls were too cold but waded in the shallow part.  I’m all for cliff diving (or jumping) but not when it is that cold.  I’ll do it next time.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch, kind of (how is it possible for three kids to talk constantly and eat at the same time?), and then saw a storm coming in.  We stopped at the Grande Depot ( a specialty shop with a small toy section and LOTS of expensive breakable things) and then decided to head back to the cabin for mandatory naps.  So that was our Father’s Day.

I plan to take my Dad out to DQ or Culver’s next time we visit.  Nothing says “I love you, Dad!” like a huge chocolate shake (well maybe a rack of ribs from Famous Daves.)


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