Splashing and Flushing

Yesterday I am finishing the breakfast dishes and I pause and hear splashing and flushing noises coming from the bathroom… “Oh no Ariel!  Look out, the dinosaur is coming!”  I already know what is going on before I get there but sure enough, the girls are playing in the toilet like it is a water table, flushing every now and again for effect.  I rhetorically ask, “What are you doing!?!”  They respond as if it were commonplace, “We’re playing in the toilet.” I waited for them to pick up on my evil stare.  They didn’t so I yelled politely requested “Don’t play in the toilet!!!!”  They got the message.  I filled up the tub and the adventures of Ariel vs. Dinosaur continued…in a more sanitary environment.


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2 thoughts on “Splashing and Flushing

  1. I hear these same things! Though I was never able to bare children. God blessed us through adoption. You have a beautiful/handsome family. 🙂

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