This Just In: Three Kids Easier than Six!

“She got 4 donuts and I only got 3!”

This weekend we divided and attempted to conquer.  Jerad took the three middle kids to the cabin and I stayed home with the two little girls and Joey.  Joey had a soccer tournament all weekend, here in town so that was fun.  I “got to” work at the info tent as a team volunteer (much easier than the 20 hours of Hockey concessions AND I got a start on my tan!)  Saturday morning I took the girls to the Edina Art Fair.  We took the shuttle (which was a school bus so that was the highlight for them) and walked around for about an hour and that was enough.  I really liked the photography.  Someday I’d love to go and pick out a few prints for my living room.  I was a little preoccupied with containing the girls.  They wanted to touch everything.  Seeing the price tag on some of those items I didn’t want to purchase a “you-break-it-you-buy-it” anything.   I was not aware that dogs were particularly interested in art but judging by the number of dogs at this event I must be uninformed.  The girls got a kick out of seeing so many different kinds of dogs.  One was even in a specially made dog stroller!  We ended the morning with a special treat of mini donuts.

Jerad and the other crew had fun at the cabin.  I make it a point to call late in the day because I’d much rather hear, “We went to the Quarry to go rock climbing and we all made it back safe and in one piece.” vs “We’re on our way to the Quarry to go rock climbing!”  Let’s just say Dad’s do things different.

It was such a beautiful weekend and it was nice to have half the kids to wrangle about.  Gearing up for when I’ll have all 6, all day, every day, all summer…


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