Summertime! Baseball, BBQ’s, Broken Arms

That’s right.  What better way to start off the summer than to break your arm!  Poor Josh.  Was out riding his bike afterschool on Monday, ran into the curb, fell off and broke his right arm.  We were at the hospital all Monday night.  He had to have surgery to put everything back in place.  We should have some sort of Season Pass to Children’s Hospital (or at least some kind of frequent flyer discount.)  Jerad brought him in and then we did a swap when it was time for him to go into surgery.  He spent the night and then we got home yesterday.  He is doing pretty well.  The pain is managed (that’s the hardest thing, seeing your kid in so much pain) and he is home for the rest of the school year.  I will bring him in tomorrow so he can say goodbye to his friends and get his cast signed.  Now that he is feeling better he is enjoying all the attention that goes along with a cast, however I think it will be tough in a couple of weeks when the novelty wears off and he just wants to do what the other kids are doing.  He’s trying to convince me this is a good excuse to get Netflix!!

2 summers ago it was Lexi who broke her leg (trampoline).  Johnny broke his arm when he was 4 (bunk bed).  (Note to the reader:  Contrary to this record I assure you I DO supervise my children!!)  Anyway, last night I overheard those three swapping “war stories” like a bunch of Vets at the VFW.  “Did they put that mask on your face and have you count backward?  Mine smelled like Dr. Pepper.”  “Did you get to eat that orange ice cream stuff in a cup?”  “Yeah, that was so great!”  “I had my cast on for 5 months!” (Not true but they were trying to out-do each other.)

We can always use a little excitement around here.  I knew something was coming after having such a peaceful weekend!!


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