Reentry into Familyhood

So contrary to the predicted weekend mishaps, things went off without a hitch!  The only hard part was when everyone came back last night, mingling the whole family, everyone wanting to share the events of their weekend (and meet the quota of irritating each sibling they had missed.)

The time at the cabin was really nice.  Got a lot of work done but also took time to be on the floaties with the kids.  Saturday’s Joyful Noise Family Fest was really, really fun.  Now I have higher expectations for fun!  I dropped the girls off at my parents (my mom watched them by herself until my Dad got back from the air show so that was sooo nice!).  Then Joey, his friend Tim and I headed off to the concert.  My brother Tim met up with us a little after 3.  This was an all day event with concerts going on all day ending with Peter Furhler and Toby Mac.  There were over 15,000 people there.  Joey and Tim didn’t sit with us (didn’t expect they would) but they did check in with us throughout the concerts (even when he didn’t just want more money!)  The music was great, mostly songs I recognize from the radio I have on through ut the day as I go about my “homemaking”.  It was fun to connect artists with their songs.  Very entertaining.

Jerad and the other kids had perfect beach weather and enjoyed their time at the cabin.  One of the neighbors on the lake has a grand-daughter Lexi’s age so whenever she is up there the same weekend the girls get together and have a great time.

Now, the real summer begins.  So far so good.


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