Lesser Known Summer Themes

Past summers we have had fun themes each week: Safari Week(went to the zoo), Pirate Week(visited the pirate themed water park), Dinosaur Week (the Science Museum).  Oh but the really fun times have been during some unconventional themed weeks.  Take today for instance, lets call it Orthopaedic Week, we all went to the doctor to watch Josh get his new cast put on!  The little girls were at the sitter but the other 3 came along.  It turned out to be  a long wait so I sent them all to the gift shop with a dollar each to get a treat.  So when the doctor finally arrived, me and the three kids were lined up along the wall eating candy, movie style fashion.  Lexi belted out, “Do you remember me!?!” referring to her visit two years ago when she broke her leg.  He of course said he did (Lexi’s hard to forget so he probably did.)  We sat back and watched as the new cast was put on.  The doctor told some “light bulb jokes” (How many orthopedic surgeons does it take to change a light bulb?…2, one to hold the light bulb and the other to turn the ladder.)  Josh got to pick what color cast he wanted and he chose “Glow” meaning, of course that it would glow in the dark.  So the grand finale was when the doctor, with great fan fare, turned off the lights to display the new glowing cast.  “Ooooh, Ahhhhh!”  “What?  It doesn’t play music?”  I asked.  The doctor chuckled and said he’d have 3M get started on that.  All in all it was an entertaining 15 minutes.  Probably not worth the $850 our medical bill will be (that’s roughly $57/minute) but we had to have it done anyway.

Next week I’m leaning towards Oil Change Week.   We take all the kids to the Toyota Dealership and they have a small room where they show movies.  There is free hot chocolate and free packets of Sweet-n-Low.  I thought about leaving the kids there and taking advantage of the free shuttle servie to the mall but I think that might be frowned upon.

One of our favorite summer themes is Septic System Week.  At the cabin we wait until the toilet continuously overflows (see “You Know You’ve Had a Great Weekend at the Cabin When…” ) and then decide to have the Roto Rooter guy come out and snake out the system.  The kids gather in the hallway and ask the nice Toilet Tech all kinds of educational questions (“What’s that for?  What’s that do?  What’s that noise?  Can I hold that?  My brother’s the one that stopped up the toilet…again.  Do you like to eat chicken?”)  One summer the tornado sirens went off while the plumber was there.  We all huddled into the bedroom but the kids were asking, “What about the Plumber!?”   What is the etiquette for that?  Should I have invited him to join us or let him fend for himself?  I assured the kids he was probably safely huddled in the bathtub.

There are 12 weeks of summer.  Come August we’re going to start running out of ideas.  Please share some of your lesser known summer themes.


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