A Tribute to Dads

For Father’s day we were up at the cabin.  The kids and I ran into town to pick-up some stuff and get pizza for dinner.  We usually get Little Caesars (which Jerad is not a huge fan of) so we decided to surprise him with Chipolte (which he does like).  We also found a stuffed scorpion at one of the thrift shops and the kids thought Dad would love that so we put the toy in the Chipolte bag too.  Jerad is not big on surprises but he did seem to appreciate the Chicken Fajita Burrito more than the $5 pizza (of course he laughed at the Beanie Baby Scorpion as well.)

On Sunday we all went to Quarry Park in St. Cloud.  Mom got stuck with all the kids that were under 5 and/or had broken bones and the rest went rock climbing.  We toodled around and read all about how the Quarry works and found a really little frog.  Callie carried it around for a while until I made her send him home to be with his Dad (before meeting an untimely death in her pocket.)  When we met up with the others we headed to the swimming hole.  Since the girls were getting restless we pretended we were “Dora” and we had to go “over the wobbly bridge, past the rock mountain to the swimming hole!”  It was a hike.  The swimming hole is surrounded by rock and has a few rope bridges and people can jump off the rocks into the water.  It is really a neat place.  We got their early to avoid the crowds (is that a Dad thing?) so the water was…well cold.  Jerad jumped in, convinced Joey and Johnny to jump in and Lexi brough her floaty.  The girls were too cold but waded in the shallow part.  I’m all for cliff diving (or jumping) but not when it is that cold.  I’ll do it next time.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch, kind of (how is it possible for three kids to talk constantly and eat at the same time?), and then saw a storm coming in.  We stopped at the Grande Depot ( a specialty shop with a small toy section and LOTS of expensive breakable things) and then decided to head back to the cabin for mandatory naps.  So that was our Father’s Day.

I plan to take my Dad out to DQ or Culver’s next time we visit.  Nothing says “I love you, Dad!” like a huge chocolate shake (well maybe a rack of ribs from Famous Daves.)


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