VBS Week: “Pray for Mike Wazowski”

It’s VBS week at church so that means a couple thousand kids are herded through fun/educational stations to learn about Jesus and how to be nice and kind.  I decided we should all go this year.  The kids have to be going into Kindergarten before they can start unless one of their parents volunteers.  The kids of the volunteers can be in the preschool class.  So I volunteered to be a “Greeter” in Cassie and Callie’s class.  As volunteering goes I was afraid this would mean that I wouls actually turn out running the whole preschool program for the week but there were enough volunteers so “Greet” I did.

VBS week is actually really well run.  Each group takes turns in the snack station, craft station, gym station etc.  Cassie and Callie were pretty squirrely all morning and I figured out why they have an age limit on this.  When we were at the Bible Story station, one of our last ones, I looked over and saw Cassie with her rubber bracelet looped between the two velcro straps on her shoes, connecting her feet.  She decided to get up and try to walk around.  I stopped her before she fell flat on her face (or little Olivia next to her.)  The teacher told a story about a solider that found out his friend was sick.  When he traveled a long way to get to his house his friend had already been healed.  The kids were supposed to draw a picture of someone they cared for so that they could imagine what it would feel like if someone they loved was sick.  I handed out the paper and crayons.  The kids got to work and I walked around policing the crowd.

  Callie was diligently working on her drawing of someone she cared about.  For sure I thought it would be Me, Dad or Cassie but when I looked at her paper she had a one-eyed monster.  “Look, it’s Mike from Monster’s Inc.!”  she proudly announced.  (Of course I was so proud.)  Just then the teacher said, “Let’s all say a quick prayer for the special person you drew.”  So yesterday Mike Wazowski, from Monster’s Inc. got a special blessing.


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