VBS Week: Developmental Delay Explained

So I have to admit I was getting a bit frustrated with my girls.  This is their first year in VBS and I thought they would just love it, sing the songs, make the crafts, play the games…But the first two days they have just been dragging, easily distracted and by the time the final sing along, literally under the pews laying down.  So I decided maybe I should see if they could be in the younger kids group or something.  All the kids in my group were singing the songs, making the crafts and keeping up…and then I looked around and noticed all the other kids are about a head taller than my girls…and then I noticed they all look older than 4.   These kids aren’t 4 are they?  In fact there doesn’t seem to be any kids in the whole place that look 4 or younger.  My girls are not ADHD!  They are not developmentally delayed!  And they don’t hate VBS..they are just 4!!!

Sure enough I got a call this afternoon confirming my stupidity.  I had switched the girls to be in the same class as mine (Fireflies) because I thought I had signed up to work in their class.  Apparently I had signed-up for the Pre-K class (which, go figure, actually means Pre-K, not 3,4,and 5 year olds).  I thought the Fireflies were just a little older 4’s and 5’s (I know, I know I took those early childhood classes too!)

So today the girls will be in the right class where they color, play with play dough, have free-play, all in the same room like 4-year-olds should!!  I feel so bad for dragging them around with me and why on earth did it take me TWO days to figure it out!  (In my defense I brought 7 kids with me, had to get them all to their rooms, remember the special snacks and meds, and then be ready to volunteer with 28 little kids in my room!  I know, I know all the kids were a head taller and I didn’t notice!)


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