Hamster Sitting

Cassie and Callie are babysitting the preschool hamster for the week.  We just picked-up Snickers from the neighbors who had him before us.  It’s a lot of pressure to keep the little guy alive for a week because I’m sure there would hours of future therapy needed if we were responsible for the hamster’s demise.  Somehow Snickers is like 23 years old or something so I imagine he’s been replaced before (unless he just eats well, exercises and has a glass of wine before bed each night.)  The girls are very excited to watch him.  We had a guinea pig in the past and the kids enjoyed that (it was actually pretty sad when he died) but it has been fine being pet free (except for the Beta fish).  Lexi has been on the Puppy Soapbox for years and I imagine someday we will get a dog but for now one week with a hamster will have to suffice.


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