“I Caught a Fish as Big as My Arm!”

This is what Lexi is telling everyone and it’s pretty much true.  At the cabin, Lexi and Cassie were on one pole while Josh was on another and Callie watched.  I had just picked up my book to read for the eighth time in an hour and I heard all this splashing and screaming (similar to Splashing and Flushing.)  I looked up to see a little fish on Lexi’s line and a BIG fish trying to bite it.  It was jumping nearly out of the water (not like a dolphin or anything but still.)  Then it got a bite of the hook and the pole suddenly drooped.  Lexi started screaming even more.  She caught that big bass!  I ran out and scooped him up in the net.  We didn’t have a scale but I’d say it weighed as much as a cantaloupe (do fishermen use fruit to compare weights or is that from the “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” book?).  Jerad came out to help and held it up to Lexi’s arm.  Sure enough it was almost as long as her arm.  Lexi called it a Long Nosed Bass (instead of a small mouth bass).

We do have pictures to prove it but the pictures are on Jerad’s phone and I don’t know how to get it to my laptop (what excuses did fisher folks use before technology?)  Anyway there was a lot of screaming, a lot of excitement and now they will have to try to catch “THE” Bass all summer.  Last summer it was THE northern as if the same northern kept showing up at our dock waiting to be caught.  Maybe it is the same one (he did get caught 4 times) but I’m guessing there might be more than one.


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