“Oh no!  A burglar must have broke into our home and ransacked your room!”  I told Lexi.

Seriously, her room looked like a scene from the movies where someone breaks in looking for the secret floppy disc (maybe it would be a flash-drive these days).

“I was looking for my other croc!” she answered in defense.

Every drawer was open, all the clothes were on the floor, papers, popsicle sticks, things made with feathers were everywhere.  The only untampered part of the room was her closet which has a lock on it due to past “break-ins”.

Maybe there are only two types of people in this world, neat people and non-neat people.  If your kid falls into the latter should you just give up and focus on something else or is it a skill you can teach?  It’s not morally wrong to have a messy room and there is still plenty of moral training the kids need.  I suppose they are not mutually exclusive where you either raise a neat but immoral kid who will end up with the best kept prison cell or a moral but messy one that can’t find her car keys to drive to the animal shelter to volunteer.  I suppose there is a spectrum of neatness as well as people’s definition of “neat”.  However there would be no debate that today her room was off the charts on that spectrum.

Amazing how those burglars only target certain rooms!



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2 thoughts on “Burglars!

  1. julia christine stephen

    They were at my house yesterday…ransacked my daughter’s room 🙂

  2. After they went to your house they came back here…same room, what are the chances!

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