Fisher Price Ice Cubes

I don’t have a Trade Mark for this yet but I’m sure Fisher Price will be beating down my door to work with me…Ice Cubes.  That’s right, ice cubes.  For the soccer game on Wed (95 degree weather) I filled a cooler with ice cubes and gave it to the girls to “play” with.  They were busy the whole game!  Tonight filled a bowl with ice cubes and gave it to the girls at bath time, I got 45 minutes to fold laundry outside the bathroom, whoo hoo!  Can you imagine the profit margin that could be made with a few razzy commercials and clever packaging.  You know how popular sand boxes have become…the future, ICE BOXES!


All the above information is copyrighted, protected and my ideas so if you steal them and make millions please send me a check.  Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Fisher Price Ice Cubes

  1. This is a cooler version of the pet rock!

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