Buy Stock in Bubble Wrap

I’ve decided to bubble wrap my kids before going out to prevent any further injuries this summer.  On Monday, precisely 7 weeks after Josh broke his arm, Lexi took a spill on her roller blades smashing up her arm (going down the same hill!)  It was all scraped up and really swollen and judging by the pitch and volume of her screams I thought for sure it was broken.  Took her in, had it x-rayed and found out it was NOT broken, very good news.  Just really bruised up.  I felt really bad for her.

I guess I could encourage the kids to just stay inside and watch TV all day, or go with the bubble wrap idea.


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2 thoughts on “Buy Stock in Bubble Wrap

  1. Bubble wrap is much more original. Just remember to leave room for breathing, eating, and pooping/peeing. Good luck with your experiment.

    • If the kids are bubble wrapped I’m sure fate would have it that I would get hurt, end up in bed, unable to work around the house…hmmm…that doesn’t sound half-bad!

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