I love the olympics!  Don’t want to participate in them but I love to watch them.  Problem: we don’t have cable and don’t get TV reception.  I went out earlier in the week and bought a fancy 360 degree flat antenna to hook up to our TV. “Just plug it in and watch all your favorite channels.”  I plugged it in and got blips and bleeps of my favorite channels and NBC didn’t register at all.  I tried it on the wall, I tried it in the window, I stood on the end table in the corner of the room and held it above my head…nothin’!  I gave up.  Returned the antenna, asked the guy at Radio Shack what I needed to do to get reception.  He explained our city is in some kind of reception black hole because of all the trees and elevation and that we are just out of range of most of the stations.  That sounded better than telling me I was simply incompetent in hooking up a simple antenna.  He told me I needed to get a TERK antenna and that would do the trick.  They are quite spendy so I asked the kids, “Which one of you doesn’t want to eat for a week so we can afford the new antenna?”  Many of them volunteered their siblings but we had no takers.  So I still don’t have TV for tonight’s opening ceremony.  With all of this technology I think I am going to resort to calling my folks and having them tape it on their VCR (that’s a video cassette recorder for those of you born after 1982).  Either that or I will be peeking in your windows tonight to try to get a glimpse of the games.  Keep you blinds open for me!


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