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Last week the girls were taking a bath.  I was putting away laundry.  We have 325 different bath toys in a basket next to the tub.  That was not sufficient for them.  They decided (not sure how or why) to take all the bath towels off the hooks (there were 9 of them, 6 for each of the kids plus some beach towels) and put them in the tub with them…I was not pleased.

This is where the phrase “double trouble” comes from.  Whereas one child might have thought about doing that, all it took is for another child to agree that that would be fun and then they actually do it.

Sooooo I wrung out each towel,  dried them on the deck for an afternoon and then washed them in 2 loads and told the girls to never do THAT again!  I of course can’t fault them becasue I never once in all the years of parenting told them it was NOT OK to take all the towels off their hooks and play with them in the tub so I guess it is my fault.


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Paper-Plated Fridge

So we were up at the cabin for the weekend and one of the projects I introduced to the little ones was the coloring of paper plates.  There are crafty websites dedicated to the transformation of paper plates into all kinds of masterpieces of art.  So Cassie and Callie got to work and drew funny faces on a dozen plates and then when I went to check on the other kids they decided to display their art on our fridge.  Which sounds innocent enough except we don’t have any fridge magnets…so they just lathered-up the back of the plates with glue sticks and stuck them on the fridge.  They were so proud I had to swallow my yelp of surprise and go along with it only later giving them the “proper use of glue” speech.


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Silence=Mischief (Usually)

So I was working on my calendar,  updating things for the new school year and I noticed it was awfully quiet.  Too quiet.  You know what that means.  I reluctantly got out of my chair, went down the hall and as I approached Cassie and Callie’s room I heard, “She’s coming!”  Bracing myself for what I might encounter I turned the door knob.  “Surprise!” the girls yelled, smiles across their faces.  Surprised I was.  They weren’t up to mischief, they had CLEANED THEIR ROOM!  They even had all the stuffed animals lined up.  What a nice surprise for today!


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Back from “Vacation”

Last week I took the kids up to the cabin.  We got up there Tuesday and got back yesterday.  My husband joined us Fri. night.  It was really nice to have some visitors during the week.  Terri and her kids came up Wed.-Thurs. and Cyndi came with her kiddos all day Thurs.  It was fun to have some time to share with my friends as well as have the kids play with theirs.  At one point there were 11 kids, ages 2-13!  They remarkably got along pretty well.  The little ones would throw things in the lake (floaties, sand toys, beach balls) and the older kids would all pile in the paddle boat and hurriedly “rescue” the floating object.  They had lots of fun with that one.  For the most part there was just a lot of running around and playing just like when we were kids (except for the added fun of an iPad and Nintendo DSi).

The last two nights the kids set up tents in the yard for a mock camping trip.  The boys made it all night in the tent, the girls had to come in (spooky footsteps!).  But they had a fun time.

For the most part it was an enjoyable week, but I can tell that the 8 people in our home no longer need to spend every waking hour together (thus they invented school) so I have officially set my sights on the transition to school now.  Two more weeks.  As a former teacher I love the excitement that comes with a new school year.   I am excited for my kids and I think they are ready to get back with their friends and into another new groove.


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Watching the Olympics with 6 Kids

Sitting around the TV with your family, celebrating the olympic accomplishments of your country (cue the patriotic music).  Creating memories for future converstations.  Years from now, around the Thanksgiving table we can share, “Remember when we all watched the U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball win Gold in ’12?” OR this:



Kid 1:  “Which team are we?”

Kid 2:  “We’re red.”

Kid 3: “No, we’re white.”

Kid 2:  “The guy just said the U.S. is White.”

Kid 3:  “We’re not the U.S., we’re U.S.A.”

Kid 2: “U.S. is short for U.S.A.”

Kid 3:  “Is not!”

Kid 2:  “Is too!”

Kid 5:  “Look, her hat just fell off.”

Kid 4:  “It’t actually a VISOR.”

Kid 5:  “What’s a VISOR?”

Kid 4: “It’s a hat.”

Kid 1: “Water polo will be on tomorrow at 2pm can we watch that?”

Kid 2: “2 PM will be the middle of the night!”

Kid 3: “No its not, PM is the afternoon.  AM would be the middle of the night.”

Kid 2: “That’s what I said PM is in the night!”

Kid 5: “Go red!”

Kid 3:  “Why are you voting for the other team? We’re white!”

Mom: “BOTH teams are U.S.!”

Kid 3: “But we’re the U.S. A.!”

Kid 6: “Can we watch Backyardigans?”




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“That not was me!” Part 2

“Not Me!” did this too!


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“That not was me!”

“Who wrecked the Lego house?”

“That not was me!” in unison from the angelic 4-year-old twins.

The grammatical incorrectness aside the girls have learned this summer that when there are 5 other suspects around, denial is a good first defense.  My Dad reminded me of the “Family Circus” cartoons where the “Not Me” ghost was responsible for all the mishaps at home.  That ghost lives here now.


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Oatmeal Down the Bathroom Sink

Hey, guess what happens when one of your sweet children dumps her half-eaten bowl of oatmeal down the bathroom sink (our bathroom sink does NOT have a garbage disposal).  That’s it, I’m going to Plumbing School (feel free to read previous posts about the overflowing toilets, more overflowing toilets, an overflowing sink, broken washer…).  There must be some on-line correspondence school I can get my Plumbing Degree (certificate?).  It would definitely pay off.  Might as well double-major in paramedics due to the recent influx of accidents this summer.  Not sure that’s a common double-major but it would be so cost-effective for OUR family.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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A Tea Party with Dadddy OR…

You know those commercials where the Daddy is sitting in a tiny chair at the kid-sized table wearing a frilly hat and pouring tea for his daughter and her teddy bears?  It may sell a lot of Father’s Day cards but our version is a little different.  Yesterday before bed Jerad was on the deck with the kids and he was playing with Cassie and Callie.  Instead of a Tea Party they were playing Lego pirates with Sponge Bob’s friend, some Harry Potter character, a handless Buzz Lightyear and legless Buzz Lightyear.  Not gonna sell a lot of Hallmark cards but at least they were having fun!


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Do Dinosaurs Sleep Under Blankies?

In my own little psychology experiment, also called my life, I have found that girls ARE different than boys.  Based on my sample size of 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls) there are distinct differences.  We went to the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo and so I brought in the plastic dinosaurs from the sand box, washed them off and gave them to the girls to play with.  There was a lot of “Roarrring”, a lot of dinosaurs attacking one another with complimentary sound effects but when the girls were done they wanted to put them to bed…with their blankies.  So I found a bunch of old wash rags and we “tucked-in” all the dinosaurs, singing them each a show tune, as is our bedtime routine.


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