Oatmeal Down the Bathroom Sink

Hey, guess what happens when one of your sweet children dumps her half-eaten bowl of oatmeal down the bathroom sink (our bathroom sink does NOT have a garbage disposal).  That’s it, I’m going to Plumbing School (feel free to read previous posts about the overflowing toilets, more overflowing toilets, an overflowing sink, broken washer…).  There must be some on-line correspondence school I can get my Plumbing Degree (certificate?).  It would definitely pay off.  Might as well double-major in paramedics due to the recent influx of accidents this summer.  Not sure that’s a common double-major but it would be so cost-effective for OUR family.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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One thought on “Oatmeal Down the Bathroom Sink

  1. I once plunged the kitchen sink. There was some sort of gunky build-up. Thing is, hubby is a plumber (but didn’t think it was very important)! I suppose I should admit, too, that I didn’t feel like spending money on Liquid Plumber. Worked like a charm and didn’t cost a cent!

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