Watching the Olympics with 6 Kids

Sitting around the TV with your family, celebrating the olympic accomplishments of your country (cue the patriotic music).  Creating memories for future converstations.  Years from now, around the Thanksgiving table we can share, “Remember when we all watched the U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball win Gold in ’12?” OR this:



Kid 1:  “Which team are we?”

Kid 2:  “We’re red.”

Kid 3: “No, we’re white.”

Kid 2:  “The guy just said the U.S. is White.”

Kid 3:  “We’re not the U.S., we’re U.S.A.”

Kid 2: “U.S. is short for U.S.A.”

Kid 3:  “Is not!”

Kid 2:  “Is too!”

Kid 5:  “Look, her hat just fell off.”

Kid 4:  “It’t actually a VISOR.”

Kid 5:  “What’s a VISOR?”

Kid 4: “It’s a hat.”

Kid 1: “Water polo will be on tomorrow at 2pm can we watch that?”

Kid 2: “2 PM will be the middle of the night!”

Kid 3: “No its not, PM is the afternoon.  AM would be the middle of the night.”

Kid 2: “That’s what I said PM is in the night!”

Kid 5: “Go red!”

Kid 3:  “Why are you voting for the other team? We’re white!”

Mom: “BOTH teams are U.S.!”

Kid 3: “But we’re the U.S. A.!”

Kid 6: “Can we watch Backyardigans?”




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