Last week the girls were taking a bath.  I was putting away laundry.  We have 325 different bath toys in a basket next to the tub.  That was not sufficient for them.  They decided (not sure how or why) to take all the bath towels off the hooks (there were 9 of them, 6 for each of the kids plus some beach towels) and put them in the tub with them…I was not pleased.

This is where the phrase “double trouble” comes from.  Whereas one child might have thought about doing that, all it took is for another child to agree that that would be fun and then they actually do it.

Sooooo I wrung out each towel,  dried them on the deck for an afternoon and then washed them in 2 loads and told the girls to never do THAT again!  I of course can’t fault them becasue I never once in all the years of parenting told them it was NOT OK to take all the towels off their hooks and play with them in the tub so I guess it is my fault.


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