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Pumpkin Rollin’

The girls took the pumpkin from our front porch and rolled it all the way to the other side of the house to our little hill.  Then they rolled it down, chasing it, laughing all the way down.  It was so cute.  Then they decided to get more creative and grabbed their trikes and decided to chase the pumpkin down on their bikes.  Of course I yelled, “Be careful, don’t get hurt!” as if saying those words would protect them.

No one got hurt (well the pumpkin lost his stem but is otherwise OK).  Wish I had my video camera to capture their laughs!


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Honk for the Reindeer (and Bad Drivers)

Reindeer Crossing

On our way home from Preschool Callie saw a deer-crossing sign. “There’s a reindeer sign!  You have to watch for reindeer and if you see one you have to honk.  Daddy honks a lot.  He honks at people.”


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We Lost Wiener Dog!

It was stuffed animal day at preschool today.  The girls stayed overnight at Nana and Papa’s and so they brought their stuffed animals along.  Callie brought her little deer (named “Deer” and Cassie brought her wiener dog (named “Weiner Dog”).  Of course right before it was time to leave wiener dog was lost!  What could have led to a major melt down was averted by the substitution of Ricky Raccoon who loved preschool and would take wiener dogs place in his absence.  Cassie was fine with that.  My parents said when they went to drop off the girls Callie told the whole story about why Ricky Raccoon was there in place of Weiner Dog.

An hour or so later my mom called to let me know Weiner Dog had been found!  He was “hiding” under the couch.  When I told the girls Callie thought we should drive up and get him right away.  I told her I thought we could probably wait.  She was OK with that.

I know the daily drama is almost too much.


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4 year-old Soccer

This is Cassie after her first game, Callie was “too tired” to be in the photo.

It’s fall soccer time!  This weekend Joey had two games, Lexi had one game and Cassie and Callie had a game.  That’s right we started the 4 year-olds in organized sports.  Don’t want them to miss out on any scholarship opportunities you know.  However, I hardly believe the experience they are having with fall soccer is propelling them towards being varsity starters.  I’ve been looking forward to coaching them since they started walking.  I helped coach Lexi’s team a season ago but it was too difficult with two little “helpers” and a playground of brothers that needed a lot of attention.  So now that my youngest are playing I can coach (if you can call it that, it’s more like a cross between sheep herding and motivational speaking).

After three weeks of 4 year-old soccer here are my conclusions.

The Top 10 Reasons 4 Year-Olds May Not Be Ready for Organized Soccer:

10.  When it’s time to go to soccer they say, “I’m playing Pet Shop now, maybe later.”

9.  Instead of the team jersey, they insist on wearing their fairy costume.

8.  If you can get them to the game, you lose them as soon as they see the playground

7.  Even before the game starts you hear, “When is snack time?”

6.  During the game you look up to see only 3 of the 4 players, you spot your other player on the sidelines petting a dog… and it’s your daughter

5.  You encouragingly ask one of the girls if she wants to go kick the ball, “I want to play on the playground…I’m wearing a pink shirt…I have a birthday party this afternoon…do you have a dog?”

4.  Saying “Freeze!” or “Stop” when the kids go out-of-bounds has no effect and two kids end up dribbling all the way to the Porta Potties

3.  Seeing a Porta Potty automatically  makes a 4 year-old gotta go

2.  By Half-time, out of the 8 kids on your team, one didn’t show, one left after warm-ups, one has been on a water break for 15 mins and two are playing with someone’s baby sister (your daughters again), leaving three kids actually playing

1.  They’re 4!  And all the behaviors seen on and off the field are pretty much what 4 year-olds do.



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Hockey Starts with M

The girls are learning to write their letters so I write a bunch of words for them to copy and they come up with all sorts of hieroglyphics resembling letters.  “H*6#S^” is not a swear word but how they write “house”.  So Callie drew a picture of herself with a huge black hockey bag and then wrote “EELLOM” (she has L’s in her name, knows the EEE sound and everything get’s written backwards at times).  Her older brother and sister played hockey for a few years so the girls got dragged to all the games.  One of the things they remember is the jerseys had a big M on them for the name of our hometown.  So she assumes hockey starts with M.  It was a really cute picture.


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Soup on the Keyboard, Broken Saxaphone, Marker Shirts

Here is a pretty typical day at our house (actually it all transpired over a matter of hours).  One of the kids came home from school, whom just started playing in the band, saxophone, “My sax needs to be fixed.”  Sure enough one of the valves snapped off.  Won’t go into the blame game but this same kid doesn’t recognize resistance and therefore has a habit of breaking things, lots of things, like our old VCR that has a tape jammed in it and now only plays “Nemo”.  Then during dinner another child decided to make himself some soup, on the counter, near my computer, or should we say over my computer.  My keyboard was all wet, thought it was water, but no, smelled like chicken.  Then as we rush out the door for carpooling mania I notice two little children, whom will remain nameless, that had drawn cute little pictures of themselves…on thier shirts…in marker!  I think there actually is a book about all the stuff kids wreck.  But can’t complain, our neighbor’s daughter smashed up their car…that’s what we have to look forward to.


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Appropriately Labeled

Cassie found a little sticker at the soccer game, the size of a Chaquita banana sticker.  She decided to pull up her shirt and stick it over her belly button.  When she came to show me I saw it was from an orange and appropriately said, NAVEL!


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First Day of Preschool

They’ve been ready to go for weeks and today was the day!  The girls’ first day back at Preschool.  They were very excited, especially since they were first for the honor of Snack Girls.  Of course I had everything planned out, two cute jumpers for the girls to wear, I was going to put Callie’s hair in pig tails, Cassie’s in a cute pony on top of her head.  The reality version:  Callie refused to wear the cute flowery dress because that’s only what you wear to church, she also disagreed on the cuteness of pig tails.  Cassie didn’t want to change out of the shorts she has been wearing for three days and forget the hair.  The balance between my dream and reality was Callie picked out her own clothes (then put her jacket on so I didn’t notice until we got to school that her t-shirt had chocolate ice cream stains on the back) Cassie agreed to put on clean shirt and pants but only allowed a little fluffing of the hair.

So they did not look like the Gap catalog but they were happy, confident and the day went great.  We have some time to work on the other stuff!

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Fill Her Up!

Technology is so great, isn’t it?  Our community center got a face-lift a few years back and has lots of neat new features (besides the splash pad with froggie slide).  Next to the drinking fountains there is a new state-of-the-art automatic water bottle filler.

When we were headed for the child care room one of the girls did a u-turn and I  doubled back to get her.  The other one bolted down the hall toward the drinking fountains, “I wanna drink!”  After I retrieved sister #2 I turned around.  My eyes widened as I saw sister #1 with her whole head under the motion-sensored water bottle filler, mouth opened!  Fill her up!  She got quite wet.  I’m sure that one will show-up at the Staff Meeting surveillance reviews.


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Waiting for Our Egg to Hatch

This is Cassie’s dinosaur egg.  We found it at the soccer game this weekend and she has been carrying it around with her since.  It even came to the Preschool Open House today.  Anyway we won’t know what kind of dinosaur it will be until it hatches and it is so hard to wait!   Even “Dinosaur Train” was about dinosaur eggs today.  As Cassie and I were discussing what kind of dinosaur it might be, Callie just looked at us and proclaimed, “It’s not going to BE a dinosaur because it’s a ROCK!”


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