Soup on the Keyboard, Broken Saxaphone, Marker Shirts

Here is a pretty typical day at our house (actually it all transpired over a matter of hours).  One of the kids came home from school, whom just started playing in the band, saxophone, “My sax needs to be fixed.”  Sure enough one of the valves snapped off.  Won’t go into the blame game but this same kid doesn’t recognize resistance and therefore has a habit of breaking things, lots of things, like our old VCR that has a tape jammed in it and now only plays “Nemo”.  Then during dinner another child decided to make himself some soup, on the counter, near my computer, or should we say over my computer.  My keyboard was all wet, thought it was water, but no, smelled like chicken.  Then as we rush out the door for carpooling mania I notice two little children, whom will remain nameless, that had drawn cute little pictures of themselves…on thier shirts…in marker!  I think there actually is a book about all the stuff kids wreck.  But can’t complain, our neighbor’s daughter smashed up their car…that’s what we have to look forward to.


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One thought on “Soup on the Keyboard, Broken Saxaphone, Marker Shirts

  1. I feel your pain on the VCR tape jam. Happens in my house too! :-0

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