4 year-old Soccer

This is Cassie after her first game, Callie was “too tired” to be in the photo.

It’s fall soccer time!  This weekend Joey had two games, Lexi had one game and Cassie and Callie had a game.  That’s right we started the 4 year-olds in organized sports.  Don’t want them to miss out on any scholarship opportunities you know.  However, I hardly believe the experience they are having with fall soccer is propelling them towards being varsity starters.  I’ve been looking forward to coaching them since they started walking.  I helped coach Lexi’s team a season ago but it was too difficult with two little “helpers” and a playground of brothers that needed a lot of attention.  So now that my youngest are playing I can coach (if you can call it that, it’s more like a cross between sheep herding and motivational speaking).

After three weeks of 4 year-old soccer here are my conclusions.

The Top 10 Reasons 4 Year-Olds May Not Be Ready for Organized Soccer:

10.  When it’s time to go to soccer they say, “I’m playing Pet Shop now, maybe later.”

9.  Instead of the team jersey, they insist on wearing their fairy costume.

8.  If you can get them to the game, you lose them as soon as they see the playground

7.  Even before the game starts you hear, “When is snack time?”

6.  During the game you look up to see only 3 of the 4 players, you spot your other player on the sidelines petting a dog… and it’s your daughter

5.  You encouragingly ask one of the girls if she wants to go kick the ball, “I want to play on the playground…I’m wearing a pink shirt…I have a birthday party this afternoon…do you have a dog?”

4.  Saying “Freeze!” or “Stop” when the kids go out-of-bounds has no effect and two kids end up dribbling all the way to the Porta Potties

3.  Seeing a Porta Potty automatically  makes a 4 year-old gotta go

2.  By Half-time, out of the 8 kids on your team, one didn’t show, one left after warm-ups, one has been on a water break for 15 mins and two are playing with someone’s baby sister (your daughters again), leaving three kids actually playing

1.  They’re 4!  And all the behaviors seen on and off the field are pretty much what 4 year-olds do.



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2 thoughts on “4 year-old Soccer

  1. Hilarious! They have a concession stand at the field where my kids play and they spend more time there than they do on the field!

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