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Ready to Go, Except for…

Here were the directions, “Go put your swim suits on and put your clothes over top, we’re going swimming.”

(We go swimming every week so the routine is nothing new.)

Here’s what the girls did:

1. Started stuffing their back packs and lunch boxes with all their worldly possessions.

2.  One twin got her suit on, the other did not

3.  They came out of their room, “Ready!”

4.  Cassie had on her jacket, hat, mittens and her stuffed back pack (they never wear their hat and mittens!)

5.  Callie had on her swimsuit…thats all, and her tennis shoes with her back pack full of stuff

Mom:  “Callie where are your clothes.”

Callie: “They’re in my backpack.”

Mom: “You gotta wear pants.”

Callie: “They’re in my backpack!”

Mom:  “Pants are a must.”

When everyone was wearing pants we left for the pool.

At the pool I went through the backpacks and this is what we had:

2 pairs of boots, the top half of the Littlest Pet Shop Playground, a piggy bank with coins in it (noisy), Cinderella’s carriage and a full size Dolphin Pillow Pet

What we did NOT have was Cassie’s SWIMSUIT!!!!

This one was on the mother quiz you took before they let you take your baby home, come on what do you do?

Yep, she swam in her t-shirt and thankfully dark-colored underwear.

Just another night at the Rasmussen’s.



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All Your “Stepford” Kids

Why do I assume everyone else’s kids are straight A, A-team, organized, retirement home volunteers and that my kids are the only ones who struggle with a few misbehaviors?  This is on the heels of Monday when 4 of the kids came home with some sort of issue I had to address, from late assignments to befriending a “kid” on a computer game named “Bruce”.  And that afternoon I discovered that the two little angels had gone into their older brother’s room, unplugged his laptop, took it in their room and removed 10 of the keys from the keyboard (they have done that before and it is expensive to get fixed by the way).

Usually the kids get together and decide whose turn it is to be a stinker (or so it seems) but when there is a mutiny I am overwhelmed.  Anyway I have had to go in and talk to each one of the kids’ teachers in the last few weeks due to some issues.  I guess I assume I am the only parent ever called in and the rest of the kids are “Stepford” kids.  Anyone else have a kid who has lied?  Told them they don’t need to do an assignment? Say they need to be logged in to the computer to do homework but play computer games instead?  See, I knew I was the only one!!  Maybe I should keep a Problem Quota Board and if the kids cumulatively go over a certain number the issue gets bumped to the next day (unless there is blood involved…of course).

Here’s hoping for a few good weeks before Christmas break.  Then again think of all the money I’d save if all I had to get was lumps of coal for Christmas!




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Un-decorate the Tree

Friday we put up our Christmas Tree and decorated it…Sunday the girls un-decorated it.  Every ornament within arms reach was in a pile on the floor near the tree.  A few remained at the very top.  I knew they had been taking ornaments off to play with, the teddy bear ornaments, Christmas raccoon and snowman were sledding off the sofa on one of the little red sled ornaments but I was not aware that in a few short minutes ALL the ornaments could be removed from the tree.

Luckily Johnny and Lexi came in and were excited to redecorate it.  Maybe we’ve created a new holiday tradition?


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Thanksgiving Weekend Re-cap

I know it was several days ago but we did celebrate Thanksgiving and it actually went pretty well.  Our tradition is to go out to eat  Wednesday night with my husband’s side of the family and then this year I hosted my side of the family at out house on Thursday.

Wednesday night we agreed on going to the local pizza parlor (little known fact that some of the first pilgrims actually preferred pizza to turkey).  I would say we had a wonderful time but in all reality it was like taking a handful of hamsters out to eat.  The kids were so squirrely   I spent most of the time saying yelling “sit”, felt like I should be at a dog training school.  It was like watching the moles from the “Whack-em” mole game, as soon as I would get one to sit down another one would pop up (just for the record I did not whack any of them with a fluff-stuffed mallet, or anything else).  They wanted to get up to talk to Nana and get up to go see their niece, and get up to see the candy machine and to climb in the booth on the other side.  At one point one of the little girls was hanging over the edge of the booth wide-eyed at another family’s spaghetti.

(Did I mention we rarely go out to eat?)

Once the food arrived it was better but still a bit hectic.  Somehow one of the kid ordered themselves a pop and trust me when I say a few of our kids become very different creatures people when exposed to high levels of sugar and/or caffeine.

I did get to partake in a couple three-sentence conversations with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law which was nice but next time I think we have to rethink the dining arrangements.

For Thanksgiving day I have hosted before but only a couple of times.  My mother usually does the whole deal.  She is an excellent cook and everything comes out on time and delicious.   Here’s what I learned, she made it look so easy!!  With 8 people in our family I make a big dinner every night but I was so nervous that everything would be done at the same time and not late.  Well I accomplished that BUT I had everything piping hot ready to go around 11:30 (our guests were to arrive at noon) and so I had to reheat most of it.  The turkey was done on time and turned out great although I think I need to watch a few more “How to Carve your Turkey” videos on Youtube before next year.  If you saw it, you’d know why.

My older brother Tim, his wife and their two little girls came along with my younger brother Bill who just moved back here from Oklahoma so it was nice to have him join us.  My folks this year got to go out to eat for dinner at a really nice buffet and then joined us for dessert.  After we were done eating this is the first year we let all the kids go downstairs on their own to “play”.  No one ended up bleeding and nothing got broke so that went well.  Then we all went out back to play some backyard football.  Nerf, two-hand touch.  Pretty funny to watch a 4-year-old make a touchdown (perhaps the uncles went easy on her).  It was beautiful out, about 55 degrees (warm for MN) but then a couple of hours later we looked out the window and it was snowing!  Crazy Minnesota weather.  We then watched some football and my parents joined us (my dad is a huge Lion’s fan…everyone else is NOT!).  Then we had some pie and I chatted with my sister-in-law while we cleaned up.

Overall it went well.  There was a bit to clean up in the basement after letting the kids supervise each other but it was worth it to have some adult conversation with my family.  A lot to be thankful for.


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Bigger Kids – Bigger Wish List

I was trying to plan out my Black Thursday/Friday shopping expedition.  If there aren’t any big-ticket items then I will wait until some day that is not “Black”.  I can’t decide what to get the kids.  We usually have a pretty simple Christmas, only a few things under the tree which is nice but now that the kids are older the “few things” each cost around $200.  That just doesn’t work.  So I can’t tell what they REALLY want and what they will responsibly use.  I like the Kindle Fires but not sure the kids are ready to keep track of one or not drop it lose it.  What about the “generic” eReaders?  Are they just as good with a smaller price tag?  I could get the boys Legos again but they build them, play with them and then add them to the bins and bins of Legos that are sitting in my basement.

We’ve done zoo memberships in the past and ice skating passes and those are good ideas but it is also fun to open “something” Christmas morning.  The fact is they already have everything and don’t really use most of it.  I love Christmas and finding just the right thing for each kid.  The little ones are still young enough where they are easy to please so that one will be easy.  But not sure what to do for the rest of the crew.  Sure I’ll figure something out.


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No Turkeys Allowed

The fun part about having kids that don’t quite read is you can make stuff up.  Today we saw a sign at the community pool that said, “The Fitness Center will not be open on Thanksgiving” and it had a picture of a turkey on it.  So of course I told the two girls that it said, “There are NO turkeys allowed in the pool.”  They recognized the letters “o-n” from “on” and thought it said “no” so they believed me.  They thought it was hilarious.  For a short while longer I’ll at least have two fans!


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Easy “Craft” with Tape and Scissors

You won’t find this one in Family Fun Magazine but this was our morning “craft”.




1.  Ask your mom for some tape.

2.  Ignore your mom when she says, “No more tape projects.”

3.  Ask for tape again.

4.  Ignore her when she says, “NO MORE PROJECTS WITH TAPE!” (see Everything’s Been Mummified)

5.  Look really sweet and say you only need ONE piece of tape.

6.  Recognize your mom is busy and really needs to get some work done so you know she will give-in any moment.

7.  Ask for tape again.  Remind her it’s just one piece.

8.  Mom caves, gives you the tape.

9.  Take one really long piece of tape and wrap it around the tip of your scissors several times.  Why?  Because you can.

10.  Show off your project to your mom.  “Well at least now you won’t be cutting up tiny pieces of paper to make soup.”  (The “soup” did not go down the bathroom sink’s drain.  But that’s another story.)


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“This next act is by Johnny Rasmussen singing ‘Glad You Came’.  He would like to dedicate this song to his mom!”

“Awwwhh!” the crowd crooned in unison.

That was the Talent Show Friday night.  I have to admit the kid has his moments.  This was very sweet.  I thought he did great singing and dancing and he had a blast!  It is never boring being a mom, I have to tell you that.  There are not-so-good surprises (finding oatmeal in the bathroom sink) and then there are those moments like Friday night.  Keeps you smiling.


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Watch Out Anerican Idol…Here He Comes

Johnny is performing in the Talent Show at school tonight.  A few weeks ago he said he wanted to do something for the talent show and had me download a song for him “Glad you Came” and then he locked himself in his room for then night and played it over and over and over.  By the end of the night he had it memorized AND choreographed!  Then he performed for me and his siblings.  It is actually pretty cool.  Who knew?  I could be a stage mom after all!


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Add More Money to the Thearpy Fund

Here’s the kind of emails I get that are marked URGENT: “Don’t forget to send a vegetable to preschool tomorrow for sink or float soup!”  Very pressing.  So today I sent along a tomato and cucumber wich I cleverly drew faces on to resemble Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales (there’s not a lot of adult interaction here so one loses touch with reality).  The girls were so proud to show off their Bob and Larry when they got to school, imitating their voices and having a grand time.  Minor detail…the teachers needed to cut up the vegetables to put into the soup.  “Don’t cut up Bob!  You can’t cut up Larry!”

It was busy when I picked them up so I didn’t hear how it went, but they told me they were very sad that Bob and Larry had to be cut up.

Fast forward 20 years:

Therapist: “So, Callie What is your earliest memory?”

Callie: “Well one time my mom sent me to school with Bob the Tomato knowing that they were going to cut him up and make him into soup!!”

Better add more money to their therapy fund (or mine.)


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