Thrown Outta Whack by Halloween

Wow, what a week.  Just now catching my breath.  Here’s a recipe for you:

A Couple kids with ADHD

A field trip to a noisy roller rink

A costume party and parade

Running around the neighborhood getting sugar

Add the above ingredients, then add sleep deprivation (they’re too wired to sleep), a few late assignments, the end of the quarter (how about a couple of tests) AND Daylight Savings!

For kids that need routine, need structure, need to never eat anything with Red Dye #5 this was a tough week!!  For the mom of those kids its been a really tough week!!

I like Halloween but for some of our crew it is way too overstimulating.  We ended up going trick-or-treating with Cassie, Callie, Josh and  Johnny (Lexi went with her friend and Joey went with his buddies).  If we had not accompanied Johnny he would have set some world record for speed and number of houses.  He literally ran to each house (or anything with a door, we tried to explain he could only go to houses that had the light on but he didn’t grasp that concept.)  Josh spent most of the time talking, “I just got some Skittles, did you know there are red Skittles, green Skittles, yellow Skittles, remember our trip to South Dakota? I ate Skittles when we were on our way to see Crazy Horse.  We also ate pizza with sausage AND pepperoni on the same pizza, I had two slices…”

Then picture this.  The six of us walk up to a house.  Johnny bolts ahead and gets to the door first, Cassie and Callie come running behind yelling “I want to ring the doorbell”  “No, I want to ring the doorbell” and the ten-year old adds, “I want to ring the doorbell.”  Right before they get to the door, you guessed it, Johnny rings the doorbell…again.  Then the four of them are all yelling at each other and shoving each other as the door opens and a wide-eyed neighbor watches the fighting holding her pumpkin bucket of treats.  Finally one of them says trick-or-treat then stomp off saying THEY will be the one to ring the bell at the next house.

Now take that scenario and repeat it house after house.  Here comes the Herdman’s (from the Best Christmas Pageant Ever).  Poor neighbors.  At one point we pulled the kids aside and gave them a speech about the real meaning of Halloween (then it occurred to us we didn’t know what the meaning of Halloween was so we made something up about being thankful that all our neighbors want to give you candy… so knock it off!!)

The girls were fun to watch because they’re so little and it is still a new concept.  There were plenty of “Thank you’s!” and after the second house Callie came running down the driveway, “I got CHOCOLATE!!”

We pooled all the candy (and organic bunny shaped crackers) and had two grocery bags full.  We give it one week and then the candy fairy comes and takes it all away to give to candyless children around the world.

So we survived.  Still recovering from Daylight Savings (the girls were up at 5:45am…that’s too early!!)  No school today for the older kids so they are just chilling out at home (we did get a gingerbread house type haunted house for 70% off that the kids put together this afternoon so that was fun.)  Tomorrow we will be back to our routine and life will be good again (or at least less crazy.)


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