Things Not on my “To Do” List

So each morning I eat my breakfast at my computer, check my email and jot down my daily “To Do’s”.  Even before I got the kids off to school these are the things I had to deal with that were NOT on that list (or any list I have ever compiled):

1.  Re-attach Ken’s (Barbie’s friend) head and arm (head successfully, arm, not so much)

2.  Follow suspicious preschooler to her room with the black dry erase marker “I not doing nothing!”

3.  Try to remove preschooler’s finger from her brother’s Nerf gun (it was really stuck in there good and I had five minutes to round-up the three middle kids to get them on the bus so she had to walk around the house for awhile with the gun dangling from her finger.)

4.  Panic when I can’t get the gun off (realize I may not get to anything done on my To Do list because we’ll be spending the morning in the E.R. removing the toy)

5.  Just as I got out the Crisco out I was able to wiggle the finger out, whew!

6.  Remember “I not doing nothing!”  Find out “nothing” is coloring a bunch of the Littlest Pet Shop figures all black with aforementioned marker “They need masks for the party!”

7.  Fill the sink with soapy water and scrub the darn things.

8.  Ken again, this time his arm has fallen off.

My family may not have food to eat tonight (grocery shopping was on the list) but dog-gone-it, Ken is finally in one piece.


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3 thoughts on “Things Not on my “To Do” List

  1. It’s good you have your priorities straight. Ken needs those arms damn it!

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