Add More Money to the Thearpy Fund

Here’s the kind of emails I get that are marked URGENT: “Don’t forget to send a vegetable to preschool tomorrow for sink or float soup!”  Very pressing.  So today I sent along a tomato and cucumber wich I cleverly drew faces on to resemble Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales (there’s not a lot of adult interaction here so one loses touch with reality).  The girls were so proud to show off their Bob and Larry when they got to school, imitating their voices and having a grand time.  Minor detail…the teachers needed to cut up the vegetables to put into the soup.  “Don’t cut up Bob!  You can’t cut up Larry!”

It was busy when I picked them up so I didn’t hear how it went, but they told me they were very sad that Bob and Larry had to be cut up.

Fast forward 20 years:

Therapist: “So, Callie What is your earliest memory?”

Callie: “Well one time my mom sent me to school with Bob the Tomato knowing that they were going to cut him up and make him into soup!!”

Better add more money to their therapy fund (or mine.)


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