Easy “Craft” with Tape and Scissors

You won’t find this one in Family Fun Magazine but this was our morning “craft”.




1.  Ask your mom for some tape.

2.  Ignore your mom when she says, “No more tape projects.”

3.  Ask for tape again.

4.  Ignore her when she says, “NO MORE PROJECTS WITH TAPE!” (see Everything’s Been Mummified)

5.  Look really sweet and say you only need ONE piece of tape.

6.  Recognize your mom is busy and really needs to get some work done so you know she will give-in any moment.

7.  Ask for tape again.  Remind her it’s just one piece.

8.  Mom caves, gives you the tape.

9.  Take one really long piece of tape and wrap it around the tip of your scissors several times.  Why?  Because you can.

10.  Show off your project to your mom.  “Well at least now you won’t be cutting up tiny pieces of paper to make soup.”  (The “soup” did not go down the bathroom sink’s drain.  But that’s another story.)


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One thought on “Easy “Craft” with Tape and Scissors

  1. “Everything’s been mummified.” Hilarious!

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