Bigger Kids – Bigger Wish List

I was trying to plan out my Black Thursday/Friday shopping expedition.  If there aren’t any big-ticket items then I will wait until some day that is not “Black”.  I can’t decide what to get the kids.  We usually have a pretty simple Christmas, only a few things under the tree which is nice but now that the kids are older the “few things” each cost around $200.  That just doesn’t work.  So I can’t tell what they REALLY want and what they will responsibly use.  I like the Kindle Fires but not sure the kids are ready to keep track of one or not drop it lose it.  What about the “generic” eReaders?  Are they just as good with a smaller price tag?  I could get the boys Legos again but they build them, play with them and then add them to the bins and bins of Legos that are sitting in my basement.

We’ve done zoo memberships in the past and ice skating passes and those are good ideas but it is also fun to open “something” Christmas morning.  The fact is they already have everything and don’t really use most of it.  I love Christmas and finding just the right thing for each kid.  The little ones are still young enough where they are easy to please so that one will be easy.  But not sure what to do for the rest of the crew.  Sure I’ll figure something out.


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