All Your “Stepford” Kids

Why do I assume everyone else’s kids are straight A, A-team, organized, retirement home volunteers and that my kids are the only ones who struggle with a few misbehaviors?  This is on the heels of Monday when 4 of the kids came home with some sort of issue I had to address, from late assignments to befriending a “kid” on a computer game named “Bruce”.  And that afternoon I discovered that the two little angels had gone into their older brother’s room, unplugged his laptop, took it in their room and removed 10 of the keys from the keyboard (they have done that before and it is expensive to get fixed by the way).

Usually the kids get together and decide whose turn it is to be a stinker (or so it seems) but when there is a mutiny I am overwhelmed.  Anyway I have had to go in and talk to each one of the kids’ teachers in the last few weeks due to some issues.  I guess I assume I am the only parent ever called in and the rest of the kids are “Stepford” kids.  Anyone else have a kid who has lied?  Told them they don’t need to do an assignment? Say they need to be logged in to the computer to do homework but play computer games instead?  See, I knew I was the only one!!  Maybe I should keep a Problem Quota Board and if the kids cumulatively go over a certain number the issue gets bumped to the next day (unless there is blood involved…of course).

Here’s hoping for a few good weeks before Christmas break.  Then again think of all the money I’d save if all I had to get was lumps of coal for Christmas!




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2 thoughts on “All Your “Stepford” Kids

  1. Ann Kaul

    You HAVE met our kids, right? 🙂 Mine too seem to take turns being naughty – but it’s tough when they gang up – and I only have 2!!! Funny post — hang in there!

    • Heres’ what I overheard your kids saying at the last soccer game, “Brother, I sure would like to share my snack with you.” “No, no sister, that is all right, I know Oreos are your favorite.” “Oh, thank you. You know, Mother really likes Oreo’s, perhaps I will give them to her.” “That sure would be swell. Why don’t you give them to her after we finish cleaing our rooms when we get home.” “Good idea Brother!” : )

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