Ready to Go, Except for…

Here were the directions, “Go put your swim suits on and put your clothes over top, we’re going swimming.”

(We go swimming every week so the routine is nothing new.)

Here’s what the girls did:

1. Started stuffing their back packs and lunch boxes with all their worldly possessions.

2.  One twin got her suit on, the other did not

3.  They came out of their room, “Ready!”

4.  Cassie had on her jacket, hat, mittens and her stuffed back pack (they never wear their hat and mittens!)

5.  Callie had on her swimsuit…thats all, and her tennis shoes with her back pack full of stuff

Mom:  “Callie where are your clothes.”

Callie: “They’re in my backpack.”

Mom: “You gotta wear pants.”

Callie: “They’re in my backpack!”

Mom:  “Pants are a must.”

When everyone was wearing pants we left for the pool.

At the pool I went through the backpacks and this is what we had:

2 pairs of boots, the top half of the Littlest Pet Shop Playground, a piggy bank with coins in it (noisy), Cinderella’s carriage and a full size Dolphin Pillow Pet

What we did NOT have was Cassie’s SWIMSUIT!!!!

This one was on the mother quiz you took before they let you take your baby home, come on what do you do?

Yep, she swam in her t-shirt and thankfully dark-colored underwear.

Just another night at the Rasmussen’s.



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