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364 Days Until Christmas

What a whirlwind of Christmas!  It was such a nice Christmas this year.  Really!!  Everything went really well.  Everyone arrived safely, the turkey turned out, the kids were THRILLED with their gifts and it was just really nice…really loud at times…but really nice.  Here are some pics from our Christmas’s:

Rasmussen Christmas 12 007Rasmussen Christmas 12 009Gild Christmas 001Gild Christmas 003Gild Christmas 007


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Two Little Penguins

Penguins! 002I just had to get these hats.  The best purchase I’ve made all season!!


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Preschool Program

Preschool Program 2012 004Last Thursday the girls had their Christmas Program at Preschool.  They got dressed-up, sang a bunch of cute songs and we had cookies afterward.  Last year, having a 3-year-old in the program was a lot more unpredictable than 4-year-olds so this year was a little more relaxing.  The girls sang the songs, did the actions and despite some wiggles from Cassie they did just fine.  Compared to last year (“Done-in by the Nametag“) they were angels.

I was a little sentimental because this is our last preschool Christmas Program (until Grandkids come along…a long…long…time from now).  Jerad was able to make it and the girls were so thrilled to see Daddy in the audience.  It was really sweet!Preschool Program 2012 008


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Humor after Tragedy?

How do you write a blog about the funny things your kids do in the aftermath of Friday’s tragedy?  20 sets of parents will never hear their children yell, “Watch me!” as they jump into the pool, or hear “Is not…Is too…Is not…Is too” between siblings, and in a week there will be a Christmas tree with unopened gifts under it’s branches.  Perhaps this will make us hold our kids a little tighter this Christmas and appreciate the time we do have with them…bad manners, dirty socks, scotch tape and all.


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Another Milestone

The kids are finally past that “tie the sitter up and lock her in the closet” stage that all kids go through.  In the last week I have been able to go to two holiday parties with Jerad.  In the past we have always had to divide and conquer, split the kids up to other’s houses or get two sitters (or most often just stay home).  This has been the first time we have attempted to have one sitter watch the kids and get them to bed.  I’m not sure what happened between, “Goodbye, love ya, be good for the sitter!” and arriving home but both times the kids were all asleep and the police/ambulance/S.W.A.T had not been called so I don’t really need to know what happened.  The sitter did not grab her bag and flee our home screaming, “Crazy…crazy…they’re all crazy!” so I think that is also a good sign.

Last night I recruited my brother to watch the kids.  Uncle Bill.  He is a youth pastor and is used to chaos so I thought this would be right up his alley.  Sure enough when we got home he was sitting on the couch and all the kids were asleep!  Don’t need to know the details.  When asked, “Which is more challenging, watching 95 Jr.High kids or 6 Rasmussen’s?”  his response was “6 of one, half a dozen of another.”  He has agreed to come back this weekend to help out so I think it went “fine”.

This morning Callie came in still sleepy, “Where’s Uncle Bill?  I miss him.”  That was so sweet.  Apparently I’m not the only one on this planet capable of taking care of my kids.  Yeah, I get that.  It’s good for me to get out.  Jerad and I had a fun time and it was good to talk to people over 13.  A win-win for everyone.  Next time…a 2-week trip to Paris!!! (or maybe dinner and a movie).


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No Mud Room…And Other Worldly Disasters

We have 6 (active, forgetful, messy) kids and we live in Minnesota (4-5 seasons) and NO Mud Room (place to put jackets, hats, mittens, scarfs, snow pants, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, soccer balls, soccer shoes, hockey sticks, karate belts and swim goggles).

Disclaimer:  I am aware that some people do not even have jackets, hats, swim goggles…and thus no worries about the lack of a mud room.  Point taken.

My solution for organizing our brood was to set up a mimi-mud room in each of their bedrooms.  In a corner of each of their rooms I installed 3 hooks on the wall (winter jacket, spring/fall jacket and snowpants) on the floor underneath is a bin (backpacks, lunch boxes, hat and mittens) and next to the bin is a boot tray (boots, tennis shoes, church shoes).

For the most part it has been working well…until recently.  Sometime around Halloween the girls saw some scary cartoon (Arthur?) and are going through a spooky phase.  So although they are pretty good about hanging up their stuff, the new routine is that before bed we have to take down all the jackets and snow pants and put them on the floor and then we can hang them back up in the morning…why?…”in the dark the jackets look like ghosties!”.  Of course I have heard of a thing called a closet but we have closet issues as well…that’s a whole other post.


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Guests for Morning Cartoons

TV Time 001There were a few “friends” that joined Cassie and Callie this morning to watch TV…and they all agreed on the same show (even Piglet).


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The 22 Kindergarten Options

We had the Kindergarten Storytime at our school today.  The girls will be starting kindergarten in the fall which is hard to believe.  So they invite all the kids to the school for storytime and the principal gives his speil about the different kindergarten programs and how they are all great.  There really are too many choices.  Half-day or full-day?  English, Chinese or Spanish?  What about half-day with child care (FT or PT)?  Spanish half-day with child care half-day?  How about full-day English with after-school Chinese?  Or full-day Chinese with after-school Spanish classes?  Maybe you want half-day kindergarten with child care on T and Th but your kid will be  bused to a different school at lunch for the child care?  Is your kid even ready for Kindergarten?  If you’re not sure send them to Ready Start Kindergarten (held only at two schools).

Why are second languages getting all the attention anyway?  If they had a Manners Immersion program where kids were immersed in polite words and kind deeds or a Life Skills Immersion where they learned how to put dishes away (see Everyday is Like Easter) or put anything away (toys, dirty socks, wet towels) for that matter,  I would sign them up for that for sure.

I’ve decide to just put my kids on the bus in the fall and when they get to school let the teachers decide what to do with them.


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The Ever-Popular Pepperoni Advent Calendar

65939_sliced_pepperoni_sausageI got each kid their own advent calendar on Saturday.  These are just small boxes that has flaps they open each day to reveal a piece of chocolate.  I told them you never know what will be behind each door (the chocolate is in different holiday shapes).  Cassie took this to mean that there could be any kind of treat behind each door.  “Like pepperoni?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Well, no.  I don’t think pepperoni is a traditional Christmas treat…but whose to say, with a little marketing anything is possible!”


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