The 22 Kindergarten Options

We had the Kindergarten Storytime at our school today.  The girls will be starting kindergarten in the fall which is hard to believe.  So they invite all the kids to the school for storytime and the principal gives his speil about the different kindergarten programs and how they are all great.  There really are too many choices.  Half-day or full-day?  English, Chinese or Spanish?  What about half-day with child care (FT or PT)?  Spanish half-day with child care half-day?  How about full-day English with after-school Chinese?  Or full-day Chinese with after-school Spanish classes?  Maybe you want half-day kindergarten with child care on T and Th but your kid will be  bused to a different school at lunch for the child care?  Is your kid even ready for Kindergarten?  If you’re not sure send them to Ready Start Kindergarten (held only at two schools).

Why are second languages getting all the attention anyway?  If they had a Manners Immersion program where kids were immersed in polite words and kind deeds or a Life Skills Immersion where they learned how to put dishes away (see Everyday is Like Easter) or put anything away (toys, dirty socks, wet towels) for that matter,  I would sign them up for that for sure.

I’ve decide to just put my kids on the bus in the fall and when they get to school let the teachers decide what to do with them.


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