No Mud Room…And Other Worldly Disasters

We have 6 (active, forgetful, messy) kids and we live in Minnesota (4-5 seasons) and NO Mud Room (place to put jackets, hats, mittens, scarfs, snow pants, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, soccer balls, soccer shoes, hockey sticks, karate belts and swim goggles).

Disclaimer:  I am aware that some people do not even have jackets, hats, swim goggles…and thus no worries about the lack of a mud room.  Point taken.

My solution for organizing our brood was to set up a mimi-mud room in each of their bedrooms.  In a corner of each of their rooms I installed 3 hooks on the wall (winter jacket, spring/fall jacket and snowpants) on the floor underneath is a bin (backpacks, lunch boxes, hat and mittens) and next to the bin is a boot tray (boots, tennis shoes, church shoes).

For the most part it has been working well…until recently.  Sometime around Halloween the girls saw some scary cartoon (Arthur?) and are going through a spooky phase.  So although they are pretty good about hanging up their stuff, the new routine is that before bed we have to take down all the jackets and snow pants and put them on the floor and then we can hang them back up in the morning…why?…”in the dark the jackets look like ghosties!”.  Of course I have heard of a thing called a closet but we have closet issues as well…that’s a whole other post.


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