Mom’s New Year Preview

In the spirit of a newspaper columnist that wrote a review of the year to come instead of last year, here is a prediction of what 2013 holds for our family:

In 2013:

1.  Our children will learn how to get into and out of a mini-van without fighting, screaming, “accidentally” closing doors on each other AND without having to hire a transportation assistant (an adult that stands in the garage to supervise the kids entering the van while mom shepherds the rest of the kids and finds lost shoes.)

2.  Our kids will never use the phrase “OMG” or the expanded version ever again.

3.  I will never have to say, “Put the caps on your markers!” again

4.  Scotch tape will be used for wrapping gifts…thats all…period.

5.  The phrase, “Are these clean or dirty?” will never be uttered because each member of our family will be trained how to open the dishwasher and use their own detective skills to determine whether the dishes are clean OR dirty.

6.  Each child will retain, in their possession, their mittens, hats, lunch boxes and swim goggles for one season of use (I know that’s a long shot).

7.  This deep philosophical debate will never take place again, “Is not!”, “Is to!”, “Is not!”, “Is to!”…

8.  When it is time to make lunches I will actually have each child’s lunchbox in the kitchen, where they drop them off as they come in the door from school every day

9.  I will cease saying, “Dude!  What were you thinking?” out of frustration when one of my dear children misbehaves.

10.  Kindness will be the center of our family.

I know this may appear to be a “Mom’s Pet Peeve List” (and perhaps it could double as that) but I am just thinking of the children, their welfare, how enriched their lives would be if these wonderful aspirations were met.  May this year fill your home with pleasant verbal exchanges and happy children!!


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One thought on “Mom’s New Year Preview

  1. OMG, I hope your predictions come true.

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