Good Intentions vs. The Universe

What the heck went on this evening at my house?  Here was the plan:  help kids with homework, make chili, serve dinner, carpool Joey and friends to soccer, go to the community center, drop off girls in child care, work out, go home, have snack, put kids to bed.

Here’s what happened:  somehow homework time was a free-for-all bombardment of questions, problems, requests for bus passes, field trip signatures, play practice notes, refusals to do math (“I already know it all”…”Really, at 10 years-old you know all the math there is to know?”), youngin’s writing in pen on our new craft table…and this was all before 5:00.  I was making dinner during all of this.  Now that would be a cooking show.  Come to my kitchen and see how to make chili while giving a spelling test, paying for field trips online, helping a four-year-old finish cutting out her stingray because her hand is sooooo tired…

We had to leave at 5:45 to gather the boys for soccer which would have been fine except for the 7 other people I live with.  We left around 5:50, picked up the other boys, drove to soccer dropped off the boys and then headed to the gym.  Lexi and the girls were with me.  Lexi was chatting, chatting and chatting (“Mom, I really want to get extensions…I want to start gymnastics…I liked playing hockey except for the helmets…Did you know Derek has three cats and a dog…”)  While trying to follow her conversation I failed to notice how quiet the girls had become.  We rolled into the parking lot of the gym around 6:20 and I turned around to see Cassie and Callie fast asleep!!  Oh bother.  So we drove home.  I put the girls to bed, cleaned up the kitchen from our hasty departure and finished updating my calendar which I missed doing during the homework time fiasco.  Then I thought, I should still probably work out.  I could go downstairs and do some aerobics OR eat a couple of devil food cake cookies.  After the night I had, the cookies won out (they were really good by the way).  I have a plan for tomorrow too but who knows what the universe will send forth.


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