Road Construction and the Flu

In Minnesota the news (and conversations) revolve around two subjects. From May until October it is all about the road construction that is going on in and around the city. Because of the harsh winters they have to jam a years worth of road repairs into 6 months. From November to April all we talk about is the flu. How to prevent it, who is at risk for it, what to do if you get it, who at work/school has it, did they get the flu shot, are you going to get the flu shot?

At our house we are talking about the flu becasue it has hit us. If it typically lasts for 7-10 days and each one of us gets progressively (because that’s usually how it works) someone will be sick clear until spring! I won’t go on about how miserable it is because if you’re a Minnesotan you know. If you’re a mom that has sick kids and is also sick you also know how challenging it is. That’s the boat I’m in now.

I do remember purposefully thinking this summer how nice it was that no one had been sick for a couple months, of course that was when we were stuck in traffic due to road construction.

To all the other flu sufferers hang in there! I feel your pain. Watch some videos, drink some orange juice from fancy glasses and take a long nap!


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