Fun in Minnesota

Jan 22, 2013 003Yesterday the high temperature here was 5 below zero, today we have a warm-up and it is going to get up to negative 1. So what do you do when it is that cold out AND the kids are home from school. You freeze stuff. In the spirit of “Sid the Science Kid” we wrote down our predictions of what we thought would happen when we put certain items outside and then we froze some things and checked to see what happened.

We put out a banana, a tube of toothpaste and we cracked an egg on a plate. What do you think happened?

After 5 minutes there was no real change. After a half-hour the egg started to freeze. Three hours later the egg was frozen, the banana was a solid (like a wooden banana) and the toothpaste was just really cold.

This morning the banana was completely black and all mushy.

Of course the lesson we learned was…well I’m not sure what we learned except it was darn cold out and I’m pretty sure there are places on this earth where you can live where your produce does not die a painful death.

So this is an offical invitation to all my friends and family to move somewhere warmer. Seriously warmer!

-Cindybanana tree

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