Fun Activities to Do with your Preschooler

I know you are always looking for new ideas of how to spend quality time with your preschooler.  Here are a few things I like to do with my girls (twins that are almost 5).  The first activity is that I hang-up all the towels in the bathroom:Image

Then I go about my day, check my e-mail, do some vacuuming then I walk by the bathroom again and see this:


ImageThen I ask a really tricky question, “GIRLS! Did you pull down all the towels?”

That not was me!”  They each chime in.

That’s the game!  You can play it multiple times a day.

There are many variations on this “game” you and your preschooler can enjoy.  

You can fold laundry on the coffee table, go use the bathroom and come back to find all the socks on the floor.

You can put all your kids clothes away in their closet and come back later to find all the once-folded clothes all over the floor (they had to find their yellow Dora shirt).

You can put all the dollhouse furniture back in the dollhouse with the refridgerator actuallly in the kitchen and then come back and find it is moving day AGAIN and the doll family is living under the bed (with all their furniture and 8 dogs).

The possibilities are endless!!  

What activities do you enjoy to do with your preschooler?




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