What Goes on While I’m Blogging

I write and blog whenever I can squeeze in time.  Essentially if all is peaceful (or relatively peaceful) I will plunk down at the computer for a few minutes to write (and inevitably be interrupted a few times).  As you know, when the kids are playing quiet…too quiet…it is not a good sign… it usually means they’re up to something.  Here is what the girls decided to do yesterday while I was at the computer.

Feb 6, 2013 004

Needless to say they played for over thirty minutes so it was worth it.  I paid Lexi a dollar to clean it up so for a dollar (plus the cost of tape) I was able to get a half-hour of work done!

*Yes, I am aware my daughter is wearing shorts in the middle of winter and yes I am aware that hearts don’t go with plaids.


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2 thoughts on “What Goes on While I’m Blogging

  1. I so get you. Trying to blog amidst a million interruptions is fun!

  2. I’ve only read this post on your blog but what you write seems like snippets of heaven to the rest of us parents.

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