“Whatcha doin?…Can I help?”

I wonder if contractors (carpenters, plumbers, HVAC guys/gals) cringe when they find out there will be children present while they are working. We had a couple guys doing some work on our place today and the kids were all in there space, asking questions, poking around, essentially getting in the way. Everytime I shooed them out of the room another kid would get home from school and begin the interogations all over again. I know the kids are just curious and the guys that were here were very patient but I worry about inflicting unneccessary annoyance on the poor fellows.

Then again maybe the workers are use to such a thing and they just build it into the bill:

UAS Fee $125 (Underage Annoyance Surcharge)

Now that I think about it, we had to go with a new contractor on this project becasue when I contacted the last one he said he had “moved to California”. Maybe that’s code for “your kids were so in our business on our last project there is no way we would accept another project even though this a slow time of year, we’re in a recession and I just started a paper route to pay the bills.”

Just speculation.


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