Ammendment to Our Wedding Vows

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health…” yeah, yeah, yeah, those are all good vows but what about “In remodeling and repairs.”?

Have you ever had a major (or minor) home remodeling project? I remember when we put on our addition years ago.  I went to look at windows and the window rep told me, “Half of the couples that do a major remodel end up divorced.” (Not sure what his source was or if he’s still working there because that’s not a very good sales pitch.)

Anyway, we survived that huge project still married (to each other) so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad finishing off a bedroom in the basement.

Truthfully it hasn’t been that bad. But there are always surprises. I forgot how time-consuming it can be, making sure the workers can get in, being available to answer any questions, trying to troubleshoot any unforseen ceiling leaks! I’m trying to make everything go smooth so that when it comes time to update our kitchen I can use the “Remember how seamlessly the bedroom project went honey? Having our kitchen redone will be a piece of cake!” (I know those of you who have had a kitchen remodel are chuckling right now.)

Anyway they should be done tomorrow and we’ll get the final bill.  I plan to staple our wedding vows to the bill, so no worries.


Josh John Birthday 11 004


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