Chronicles of a Stage Mom

Johnny's Play 005So Johnny had his big play this weekend. His school put on a production of The Jungle Book. He got cast as Mowgli (he fits the roll!) and so I was kind of nervous for him. I know how to encourage a kid before a big game, I know how to cheer from the sidelines, I know how to give half-time pep talks but this was all new for me. Turns out my strategy of letting the director be responsible for the play (vs my meddling) turned out pretty good. My pre-show pep talk “It’s OK if you miss a line or giggle a bit everyone makes mistakes.” Was met with an eye roll and “Mom, I know all my lines.” And during the play…yes, he knew all his lines, he knew where to stand, who to talk to, when to sing, when to run when to dance. It was so cool!

Johnny's Play 007

The whole cast was wonderful. The kids did a wonderful job. My mom and I were on the costume crew so it was fun to see all the costumes work together on stage, I helped with the make-up before the game show and so it was fun to work with other moms that were being introduced to musical theatre as well.

Our extended family showed up as if this was the championship game and we had a fun time after the show back at our house for pie.  I think I could get used to this Stage Mom thing (its much warmer than Hockey Mom).

Johnny's Play 012


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