Supervised vs. Independant Activities

March 18, 2013 001As your child grows you tend to allow them to try more and more things on their own and gradually allow them more independent play time vs always being supervised. For example coloring at the table had to be supervised for your two-year-old but by the time they are five they can probably handle it without also coloring the table, booster and their entire arm green. Some activities lend themselves well to allowing more independent play, trains, dolls, blocks…anything involving water, play dough or scotch tape however need a little more supervision.

So maybe you can help me with this scenario that I came upon this weekend and help me decide if it should be a supervised activity or an opportunity for independent exploration: (Mom, if you’re reading this you should probably log off now.)
Lexi (9 year-old) and her two little sisters (almost 5)
They were allowed to go outside and play in the backyard, I was coming out in a second.
I arrive on the scene to find Lexi sitting in a tree with a jump rope and a couple of carabiners (the ones you get from the dollar store). One end of the jump rope is tied to her jacket the other is around her little sister’s waist!
“Mom!” she announces proudly, “I’m teaching the girls how to be climbers.”
My eyes the size of saucers, trying to figure out how this could all transpire in five minutes, “suggested” Lexi get down from the tree and kindly untie her sister.
“Mom, we have our helmets on.” (They were all wearing their bike helmets.)

So what do you think? Supervised, Independent or NO WAY, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!


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3 thoughts on “Supervised vs. Independant Activities

  1. I think this is a great question! I would say let them explore, yes that could have turned into a bad experience but they were being creative and I think that is important!

  2. I say supervised. And with a camera and first aid kit handy. Definitely.

  3. Congrats..I just nominated you for the liebster award!!! stop at my blog and check it out!!!

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