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Mom’s Night at Preschool

Last night it was Mom’s Night at preschool. We did some projects, played with some of the classroom toys and sang some fun songs. With five kids going through this preschool this was my seventh and last Mom’s night. It was bittersweet. There is just something about the excitement that preschoolers exhibit that slowly fades as they get older. I soaked it up last night.

The other favorite part of Mom’s night is the posters they make about their moms. Here’s what the girls shared:

“My mom’s name is just Mom. She has brown curly hair like me and purple eyes. When I’m at school mom cleans up the house. For fun she likes to exercise. Her favorite food is apples. My mom and I like to play Legos. My favorite book she reads to me is a dinosaur book. I love my mom because she reads dinosaur books to me.” (That was Cassie.)

“I don’t know what my mom’s name is. She has brown hair and purplish-blue eyes. When I’m at school she reads books alone. For fun she likes to play with me. Her favorite food is spaghetti. My mom and I like to play toys. I love my mom because I just love her!” (That’s Callie.)

These are the things I want read at my funeral, so simple and sweet. This sums up the job of a mom and the appreciation that often goes unmentioned. I am so grateful for the joy my children bring me.


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Something I’ll Never Hear at Conferences…

The future of drive-up theatres.

The future of drive-up theatres.

…”your girls’ seem to lack creativity.”


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Happy Birthday Joey!

Memorial Weekend 2012 007 - CopySpring 07 046Joey turns 14 today! He’s the one that started this whole parenthood thing. I have to admit he made it seem easy (still does). Caught him this morning giving Cassie a piggy back ride while Callie tagged along at his feet pretending to be his puppy. He is a great big brother! Happy Birthday Joey, your Dad and I are proud of you!!


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Preschool Show-and-Tell Gone Wrong

1389271_animal_skull_2On the way home from preschool Callie said that “Emma” brought in her dog for sharing (show-and-tell). I questioned her a little more becasue I didn’t think they allowed real pets at school.
“No, not her real dog, just the bones.” Callie explained.
“Yeah, the skeleton.”
“She brought in the skeleton of her dog?” I questioned.
I had to think for awhile. It was “X” week and usually the kids brought in something that started with the letter of the week, so besides it being somewhat disturbing that a child would bring in her dog’s remains, it didn’t follow the rules of sharing!

Then Callie blurted out, “X-ray! It was an X-ray of her dog’s skeleton.”

Ahhh, now I get it.


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Conflict Resolution x8

C and C Birthday 008With eight people in our family you can imagine every once in awhile there may be a disagreement:
“Oh Lexi, I was hoping to help mom with the laundry today.”
“No, Johnny, I want to help mom!”

OK, that conflict has never happened in our house but you know what I mean. The combinations of head-to-head “discussions” is some kind of algebra problem that I don’t have time to figure out but it’s a lot. So this morning I was a little disturbed when I was called into anothe dispute. Only this time it went like this:
“Mom, Gray Cat is jumping on D.W. and D.W. doesn’t want Gray Cat to go into her playhouse.”
What? Really? I am now the mediator for all the household toys as well? No way, not in the job description. They are going to have to work it out or get some couseling.


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Happy Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky Cassie and Callie. From 2lbs 2oz and 1lb 14oz to two beautiful 5-year olds! Truly miracles!

Babies 2 064April 2013 011

Babies 2 081April 2013 012

Birth announcements 026April 2013 010

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April Snowers (like April Showers but whiter)

April Snow 003This is what we woke up to this morning (and it is still snowing).  To my new friends in California, if you hear a knock at the door it will be me (and my husband and six kids) coming to stay with you until this nonsense is over (no worries, you won’t even know we’re there.)


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A Waterless Cabin

I took the three girls up to the cabin this past weekend. You never know what you’re gonna get when you go, especially in the spring. When we went to open the cabin last year there were lots of surprises (You Know You’ve Had a Good Weekend at the Cabin When…).  This year it was worse.  We put a new furnace in last year so we could keep it open all winter but despite that, the pipes froze and burst.  Not pretty.  The water was all dried up but there was a lot of damage.  Is this just a rite of passage for cabin owners?  I know there are those who warned us when we got the cabin that it would be nothing but trouble.  If everything was smooth sailing what would I have to blog about? (Maybe how great it was to sit by the fire and read in peace…I know that’s a fantasy.)  Anyway, the girls were so excited to be at the cabin we decided to stay all weekend anyway…without running water.  Not exactly like Survivor (we had a TV and DVD) but I did have to get creative.  I’m not sure what life skills this all is teaching me (maybe it is all just divine intervention to convince me to simplify and I keep ignoring the writing ont he wall) but the children…the sweet children that look forward to going to the cabin, how can I disappoint them?

We had a good weekend despite the inconveniences.  We went into town when we needed and had fun buying a bunch of different kinds of ice cream to sample all weekend, including breakfast.  When it was time to go Cassie protested.  She wanted to stay.  She equates going to the cabin (they call it “the beach”) with swimming so she wanted to stay until the ice melt off the lake so she could swim.  It was cute.  Tried to explain the concept of the passage of time but who can really explain that?

The cabin will get fixed.  It will be a hassle.  I can think of other ways I would rather spend our money but it is what it is.  Maybe we can teach our kids to roll with the punches and make the best of “wet” situations.



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Lettin’ Loose

Paint and Glitter Ban 004 - CopyI admit, I’m not a big fan of paint and glitter, isn’t that what preschool is for?  We did paint and glitter stuff when the older kids were younger.  I’ve been approached too many times by bank tellers, grocery store clerks, “Mam, I like your sparkly hairdo.”  Glitter ends up everywhere!  And don’t get me started on paint…BUT that was the old me.  The new me, the one that heard a dynamic speaker at my conference, understands the importance of creativity, free play with paint and yes, even glitter.  So during spring break we went out and got an easel, some chalk, white board markers AND paint (little steps, glitter is step 8).  I love art and I love letting the kids be creative, it’s just a matter of teaching them how to clean up and setting some boundaries as to what (or who) you can paint.

The girls all had a whirl with the brush and have created some wonderful things.  Now about mixing the playdough…

-CindyMarch 2013 002

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Spring Break in Review

Our kids have been on break all week, actually since last Thursday. The highlights were going to the Mall of America, Maple Grove Maze, Big Thrill Factory and this weekend we are off to the Water Park of America. Even though it was still chilly the kids were dying to ride their new bikes -Jerad got them all new bikes this spring-so we went up to the park and let them ride around. It gave me hope that spring may actually be coming. Can’t wait for it to warm up so the kids can play outside.

I remember this from last year, the first time Cassie and Callie got on the swings after a long winter, they laughed hysterically, like they were at an amusement park. Sure enough that was the case yesterday as well. They giggled, they belly laughed, they begged to be pushed higher. It was so refreshing! How many times do we try to fun, fun, fun our kids when it is sometimes the basic things that create the most joy. It put a smile on my face.


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