Ah, it’s that time of year again!

Barren to Bonkers!

Parks, Playgrounds and Porta-Potties…ahhh, spring is here.  We visited the first Porta-Potty of the season!  Wahoo!  The girls are three so instead of playing “Where’s Waldo” we will be playing “Where’s Biffy?” everywhere we go this spring.

On Wednesday we were at a park and the Porta-Potty bay was empty, not yet been delivered for the season, which meant a hasty trip back in the car to the Burger King down the block.  But by Saturday most parks had become fully functional.  Sure enough despite having each girl go before we left, Callie had to go when we were at the park.  All three of us, Cassie, Callie and myself all huddled into the small entryway inside the Porta-Potty and closed the door.

Dear Mr.Biffy,

If it wouldn’t trouble you too much could you please add an extra 8 sq ft to the space between the potty and the door for…

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