Lettin’ Loose

Paint and Glitter Ban 004 - CopyI admit, I’m not a big fan of paint and glitter, isn’t that what preschool is for?  We did paint and glitter stuff when the older kids were younger.  I’ve been approached too many times by bank tellers, grocery store clerks, “Mam, I like your sparkly hairdo.”  Glitter ends up everywhere!  And don’t get me started on paint…BUT that was the old me.  The new me, the one that heard a dynamic speaker at my conference, understands the importance of creativity, free play with paint and yes, even glitter.  So during spring break we went out and got an easel, some chalk, white board markers AND paint (little steps, glitter is step 8).  I love art and I love letting the kids be creative, it’s just a matter of teaching them how to clean up and setting some boundaries as to what (or who) you can paint.

The girls all had a whirl with the brush and have created some wonderful things.  Now about mixing the playdough…

-CindyMarch 2013 002

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4 thoughts on “Lettin’ Loose

  1. Oh how I detest glitter. I find it for months afterwards in places I just know it didn’t get used.
    And it always seems like such a good idea…

  2. Yep, I can relate. My poor kids thought paint, glue, glitter, and playdough were only found at school… and other people’s houses. I’m getting better about letting loose.

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