Conflict Resolution x8

C and C Birthday 008With eight people in our family you can imagine every once in awhile there may be a disagreement:
“Oh Lexi, I was hoping to help mom with the laundry today.”
“No, Johnny, I want to help mom!”

OK, that conflict has never happened in our house but you know what I mean. The combinations of head-to-head “discussions” is some kind of algebra problem that I don’t have time to figure out but it’s a lot. So this morning I was a little disturbed when I was called into anothe dispute. Only this time it went like this:
“Mom, Gray Cat is jumping on D.W. and D.W. doesn’t want Gray Cat to go into her playhouse.”
What? Really? I am now the mediator for all the household toys as well? No way, not in the job description. They are going to have to work it out or get some couseling.


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One thought on “Conflict Resolution x8

  1. That’s hilarious!

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