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Are You Smarter than a 5-year-old

cloudsI was looking out the window of the van and noticed the clouds were unusually big and fluffy.
“Girls, look at the big white fluffy clouds!”
Very matter-of-factly Callie answers “Cumulus mom, cumulus clouds.”
“Oh, right, cumulus.”


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I’ll Be Right Back

When we decided to have six kids I’m not so sure we thought everything through (that would be an understatement). I just finished the June calendar and there are several nights where we have to be in four different places at the same time. Even with our wonderful carpooling arrangements we may have to hire someone to drive and watch our kids at soccer or karate.
Last night I thought I had it all figured out. Jerad went to Joey’s game, I went to Cassie and Callie’s game BUT Johnny had to get to karate. I asked the coach if she wouldn’t mind to keep an eye on the girls while I drove him to karate and came right back. She said that would be fine, what could go wrong in 15 minutes?
So I get back and Callie is standing by the parking lot, waiting for the porta potty, the poor coach’s husband got roped into taking his daughter and Callie for a potty break.
“I had to go potty!”
“Of course you did.” Looking down at her knee I notice a band-aid.
“What happened to your knee?”
“I fell and got an owie!”
“In 15 minutes? I was only gone 15 minutes. You got hurt in the 15 minutes I was gone?”
Of course she did.
Not really a big deal, but c’mon I’m gonna need a little more cooperation from the universe next week when we have 3 soccer games, karate, and I’m supposed to be at a meeting (don’t think the meeting is going to happen.)


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Back from Family Camp

2005_0622Rasmussen0026 - CopyThis was our 12th Memorial Weekend at Family Camp! Every year we go to Camp Lebanon with my side of the family; my folks, my older brother, his wife and their two little girls (my younger brother gets to opt-out.) 12 years we have been going. That is pretty amazing. Here is a photo of us from one of the first years we went.

The highlights this year were Paint Ball for the boys, soccer (me, Jerad, Joey, Johnny and my brother Tim were all on the same team), fishing (my niece Chloe won the fishing contest for her age bracket, a 5 1/2 inch Sunny), Carpetball tourney (the Moms/Grandma/Girls got runner-up), the Zip Line (Joey and Johnny did it this year but two years ago me and my sister-in-law were fearless zipliners) and the Variety Show (Johnny played the saxophone and did a funny Karate skit, Josh told a few jokes, Lexi did a skit with a new friend she made at camp, Joey did a funny skit with a buddy about how animals eat.)

I loved not having to cook (buffet style meals all weekend) or clean up, and I got to spend some quality time with my mom and my sister-in-law.

This year was nice.  Each year has gotten a bit easier as the kids get older and can wander around a bit more on their own.  I always make a point to do something with each kid, just the two of us, and that is one of my favorite parts.

There are always the moments that come after staying up late, non-stop excitement and a canteen full of treats (there was the kid that fell out of the canoe-remember how cold it was?, the kid that got zapped plugging-in the air hockey-they are fine, and the kid that wore the same clothes all weekend even after paint-ball) but for the most part everything went fine.  A good time was had by alll most!

Camp Lebanon 2013 006 - CopyCamp Lebanon 2013 004 - Copy



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Sisterly Love

April Snow 001









Sometimes, every once in a while, there are moments like this.


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Lego Tourists Visit Nepal

Gold Statues

May 10, 2013 004

Indiana Jones seen with “Friends Lego’s” Stephanie touring the gold statues in Kathmandu together



Kathmandu, Nepal


Not sure if that’s what they were playing but this is truly the scene I came upon the other day.-Cindy


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Soccer Tournament Comment Card…Please add Hotwings and Wine Coolers

We had two soccer tournaments this weekend. We’ve been to lots of soccer tournaments over the years, so while we waited for the half-hour delay one of the games I started to brainstorm what would make these events more exciting…for the parents. Sure they bring in jumpy castles and souvenirs for the kids but looking at all those parents, especially those who have been doing this for years, what might make it more exciting for them?

table and chairsFirst off the seating has to change. Forget the lawn chairs. They need to surround the fields with pub-style tables with chairs and umbrellas. And have waitresses that wander around offering Hot Wings and Wine Coolers (or strawberry lemonade). Doesn’t that sound nice? And there should be some half-time entertainment like a comedian that comes out and does a 5-minute schtick, poking fun at soccer moms and loudly cheering dads. Between games there should be a drop-off child care area for the kids, a 9-hole putting green and an area with sand and lounge chairs (where the waitresses also deliver drinks.)

Now THAT would be a tournament. That would bring in teams from all over the state. That would be something the whole family would look forward to.

The tournaments we went to were fine (except for the part where we arrived 45 minutes early for the game, had the game delayed a half-hour for lightening and then canceled altogether…that happened TWICE!).

Just saying, hot wings would have made that better.


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A Touching Moment with Callie

First Day of School 001 - CopyWe got home right at bedtime last night so I tried to usher the girls through the elaborate bedtime routine quickly: read stories(skipped that), brush teeth, refill their water bottles for next to their bed, ask them each what song they want me to sing (it’s always the same song but if I don’t ask they get mad), give hugs, kisses and tell them Dad will be in (looking at that it seems a little excessive, maybe “Time for bed!” being cordially announced would be better?)  Anyway, after they were both tucked in Callie said, “I have a kwestion for you.” (She says “question” kinda cute.) I’m pretty sure this is a delay tactic but sometimes it yields meaningful exchanges like, “Do we get two angles to watch over us at night or is there just one angle ’cause we share a room?” But not last night. Her very pressing, very touching question last night was, “Mommy, where does rubber come from?”


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A Couple that Sprays Together…Stays Together

spraying weedsDate night last night. After all the kids were in bed Jerad and I took out a bottle of…weed killer. Filled up our sprayers and got to work on the lawn. Dueling sprayers committed together to the task of ridding our lawn of all things “not grass”. Very romantic, highly recommended.

In a few weeks when the fruit of our labor is apparent by our turf-like lawn the neighbors can envision husband and wife, hand-in-hand carefully spraying, united by love and a dislike for crabgrass.  (OK, we were not holding hands…)

P.S. I know, those of you who spent last night on your deck with a glass of wine are jealous.

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No Puking on Mother’s Day!

hallwayThis post may be a bit tactless, so if you are used to my normally eloquent musings about motherhood then stop reading here (wait…who’m I kidding, if you’re a mom this is your world, you understand.)

Last night, just before midnight, on the one day out of the year that Mom’s are supposed to get a break, I hear the sound of a bucket of water being splashed on the carpet. Who would be dumping water on the carpet in the middle of the night? No one. As I tried to make sense of what was going on I wandered out into the hall to find one of the kids standing in the bathroom. Two… yes two separate puddles of throw-up were spewn on the CARPET (Was that the new carpet you had installed less than a year ago? Why yes, yes it was, thank you for asking.)

You would think with six kids this is a regular occurrence, that I have some sort of puke plan in place, but in general I would say this is one of those evils our family usually dodges. It’s pretty rare, so it was very , very timely that it would happen at the tail end of a rather nice Mother’s Day I had just enjoyed.

So I started to clean up the mess, kneeling down without thinking, feeling the wet goo soak into the knees of my jammy-pants (oh yeah, I checked to see if the kid was OK trying to hide my displeasure, kid was fine, not the flu, probably ate too much because mom wasn’t keeping a tabs on what they ate because it was supposed to be her day off!) With my stellar middle-of-the-night brain functioning I couldn’t figure out how to clean up the mess without mashing the wet bread chunks into the carpet even more, so I woke my husband up and ranted a bit. As I am incoherently saying something about carpet cleaner and baking soda I freeze. I listen. I hear a doorknob turning. Oh no! One of the other kids is up! They are going to walk down the hall to the bathroom…through the… Stop! I leap down the hall, and save the squinty eyed child from traipsing through the slush pile to spread the “joy” throughout the hallway. She has to go to the bathroom. Of course she does. The bathroom with the moat of puke around it.

I take her to the bathroom, send her back to bed. Spend a half-hour cleaning up the mess not very graciously might I add mumbling to myself as I go. Set up a barf-bucket in said child’s room, changed my jammies, rinsed off in the tub and stuck my head outside to clean out the nostrils a bit before trying to go back to bed.

I know it’s a fact of life. It is part of mothering. But it should be banned from occurring on Mother’s Day!  Send the memo out next year.  Please!


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Praised for Dirt

Went to Home Depot today with the girls to get my 5 for $10 mulch (brown of course) and more play sand for the sand box. When we got home I unloaded the bags and hauled them down to the backyard where the girls were anxiously awaiting the new sand. I opened the first bag and the girls were unusually ecstatic, “Thanks mom for the dirt!!” Each time I brought another bag (5 heavy bags) they were excited that they got more sand, “Put it over here!” It was very rewarding. Sometimes it’s the little things.


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